'Gangnam Style' Psy picks 6 trainees for 1st ever K-pop boy band to debut under his music label

'Gangnam Style' Psy picks 6 trainees for 1st ever K-pop boy band to debut under his music label
Psy picks six new trainees for his first ever K-Pop group (@42psy42/Instagram)

The trend of scouting new idols from survival shows has quite an old and tested way to zero in on talented youngsters in the K-pop industry. Many agencies look for young trainees through auditions and pick them to be trained in order for them to debut in newly-formed groups or to be added to groups that are yet to debut. This entire ordeal is very entertaining for fans as they get to see the rigorous training that their new favorite artists have gone through.  

Many idols have debuted from survival shows and have made it big in the music industry. ‘Loud’ is one such survival show from 2021 organised by JYP Entertainment and P-Nation. Being a collaborative event between The Asian Soul, Jinyoung Park and international sensation, Psy who will form 2 new boy groups: one under JYP Entertainment and another one under P Nation.


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P Nation’s first boy band introduced.

Psy, the founder of P Nation, has been on the hunt for the first ever boy group to represent his agency. P-Nation is home to many solo artists in K-pop including PSY himself, Jessi, Hyuna, Dawn, Crush, Heize, and D. Ark. With the survival show, Psy aims to branch out into other formats, in particular the boy band group format with members who can sing and dance. He made the official announcement introducing the first 6 members of P-Nation's first ever boy group of idols!

On August 7, the most recent episode of the survival show, Psy scouted contestants Chun Jun Hyuk, Lee Ye Dam, and Oh Sung Jun to join his agency and become part of their new group adding on to his previously selected 3 members. This puts Psy in the lead as he has already scouted 6 members for his agency while JYP has scouted 4 members for his agency.


Psy will scout more members

The three new members join the three previously scouted members -- Kim Dong Hyun, Eun Hwi, and Daniel Jikal. These members were hand-picked by Psy on last week's episode of 'Loud.' There are reports that suggest another scouting round is coming up in the week to follow. In the episode that will air on August 14, Psy will have the chance to scout 4 more new members from the remaining contestants to train under his label. Soon after the August 7 broadcast of SBS's 'Loud', P-Nation used its social media accounts to officially welcome all 6 contestants who were chosen by Psy. The label introduced the members in a group photo with their names mentioned in the caption. It is very likely that these boys alongwith the selections made on August 14 will be further challenged in their quest to join Psy’s first ever boy band.

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