'RHONY': Eboni Williams labeled 'phony' for excluding Bershan Shaw from Black Shabbat dinner

'RHONY': Eboni Williams labeled 'phony' for excluding Bershan Shaw from Black Shabbat dinner
'RHONY' stars Eboni Williams and Bershan Shaw (Bravo)

With each passing episode, fans are beginning to dislike Eboni Williams more and more. When Eboni was announced as the first Black housewife of Bravo's hit 'Real Housewives of New York City' franchise fans were very excited to watch her add some Black Girl Magic to the show. She kicked it off by educating her fellow housewives about Black history and Black excellence.

Although fans initially loved it, they soon grew tired of watching her preach on every episode and began begging her to have some fun and serve the petty drama. It looks like Eboni may have partially taken the advice and is giving us the petty drama, but unfortunately, fans aren't here for it either. The recently aired episode featured Eboni hosting a 'Black Shabbat' dinner for her co-stars. She invited all of them except for Bershan Shaw, the only other Black cast member of the show. Eboni went on to commit a big faux pas by extending the invitations to her party while Bershan was standing right next to her. The former attorney defended her decision of not inviting Bershan by citing excuses such as practicing safety protocol for Covid-19 when she invited the other ladies. 


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Fans weren't impressed with Eboni's petty behavior. They began questioning the 'sisterhood' and 'female empowerment' talks that Eboni preaches about time and again. Fans were also appalled by Eboni's validation-seeking behavior by begging housewives like Ramona Singer to attend her party while ignoring her fellow Black co-star. A fan tweeted, "So sad that Eboni was so Jealous of Bershan and didn’t invite her to her boring azz party #RHONY." "Bershan is the only other black cast member on the show! It’s a sh*tty thing that Eboni didn’t invite her to Black Shabbat. #RHONY," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "So only the white cast (who don't even want to be there) get invited by Eboni to Black Shabbat, while Bershan, a Black woman, is iced out.. #Phony #RHONY." 




Another fan shared, "Can’t help but wonder if Eboni realizes how f***ing clownish she looks tryna convince Ramona to go to her “Black Shabbat ” dinner and excluding Bershan in the same breath #RHONY." "Eboni not inviting Bershan to her Black Shabbat dinner, while inviting people she begs acceptance from, is VERY telling. Those tactics don’t work in the long run. This will not end well for her. #RHONY," expressed a fan. "@BravoTVRHONY Really Eboni, your having a Black shabbat but Bershan (black) is standing right next to you and you don’t invite her. Talk about sisterhood.. It’s ok @bershanshaw you can come to my party. Turn up! #RHONY," declared a fan.





Bershan revealed that she felt 'very hurt' over not being invited to Eboni's party during her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show 'Watch What Happens Live'. Bershan too pointed out that Eboni talks about BLM and sisterhood all the time, but she excluded her from the dinner party which left Bershan feeling 'disappointed' with her behavior. 

'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 13 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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