Why is Ramona Singer posing with Black friends? 'RHONY' fans call her a 'mess'

'Ramona doesn’t have BLACK friends. She knows BLACK people. #RHONY,' commented a fan

                            Why is Ramona Singer posing with Black friends? 'RHONY' fans call her a 'mess'
Is 'RHONY' star Ramona Singer trying hard to prove she is not a racist? (Bravo)

Nobody can get themselves into sticky situations the way Ramona Singer does. The 'Real Housewives of New York City' star is no stranger to regular foot-in-mouth situations, thanks to her 'unfiltered' words. But as we all know actions speak louder than words, and over the years Ramona has earned a notorious reputation of being a very entitled and classist woman with underlying racist tendencies. But thanks to the current environment where racism isn't being tolerated and everybody is advocating for Black Lives Matter and equality, Ramona has had to act fast to flip the narrative of her being a racist.

The OG housewife has reportedly been quietly manipulating people very subtly into believing that she isn't a racist through her Instagram posts. But Sonja Morgan caught the drift of Ramona's intentions and decided to warn Eboni Williams about it. On the recently aired episode of 'RHONY', Ebpni threw an election party for her co-stars, everybody but Ramona turned up to the party. At the party during their conversation, Sonja declared that Ramona was a 'master manipulator. When Eboni tried to take Ramona's side by pointing out that the OG housewife has been really nice to her, Sonja then subtly nudged Eboni into thinking why Ramona out of blue posted a selfie of them on her feed with the caption new friend, when she has several other friends. Sonja also pointed out Ramona posting a selfie with her other new friend- Bershan Shaw, and simply said that the OG housewife may have some agenda behind posting these pictures.


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The other housewives agreed with Sonja that Ramona was posting pictures of all her Black friends to try to convince people that she isn't a racist because she has Black friends. When Eboni heard it, she was shocked and got a bit upset for being used by Ramona that way and was also disappointed with herself for being so gullible. Luann de Lesseps, Leah McSweeney, and Sonja declared in their confessionals that it was very obvious what Ramona was trying to do by posting pictures of her 'new friends' who coincidentally happened to be Black.

When fans saw this, they were amused by how messy Ramona was being. A fan tweeted, "Sooo Ramona posting pics of her with black women to show she’s not racist… chile Ramona is a mess lol #RHONY." Another fan wrote, "Not Ramona posting random pics of Eboni and Bershan to prove she's not racist! #rhony." "Lmaoooooo not Ramona posting pics with black people to look like she has black friends #RHONY," commented a fan.





Fans also began joking about Ramona's attempts to convince people that she has Black friends. A fan shared, "Ramona doesn’t have BLACK friends. She knows BLACK people. #RHONY." Another fan pointed, "Ramona is def the “I’m not racist, I have a Black doorman!” typa Karen #RHONY." "Is anyone really surprised that Ramona intentionally posted pictures of her and her black “friends” to take the attention off of her voting for Trump a second time? #rhony," wondered a fan.





Looks like Ramona might have to come up with a new plan to convince people that she isn't a racist.

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