Eboni Williams' constant Black history lessons are making 'RHONY' fans feel 'tired'

'Eboni turning every scene into history lesson is very tiring at this point I’m over it. #RHONY,' wrote a fan

                            Eboni Williams' constant Black history lessons are making 'RHONY' fans feel 'tired'
'RHONY' star Eboni Williams (Bravo)

As the first Black housewife of 'Real Housewives of New York City', Eboni Williams seems to feel a lot of pressure to represent her community in the right light to the rest of the predominantly White cast of the show. 

Ever since she made her debut on Bravo's hit reality show, Eboni has grabbed every opportunity to make it a teachable moment for her fellow housewives on Black history and culture. For instance, when the ladies were discussing Hamptons and Sag Harbor, Eboni educated her co-stars about the rich Black history attached to it. While fans and her co-stars initially loved listening to Eboni and learn more about the interesting culture of Blacks, they are now beginning to feel tired of it. As Eboni continues to go on and on about her political ideologies and Black excellence, fans are beginning to feel increasingly annoyed and bored of it.


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On the recently aired episode of 'RHONY', Eboni invited all her fellow housewives to a restaurant in Harlem, so that she could give them a peek of the rich Black history and culture in New York City. The housewives did feel a bit uncomfortable at how hard Eboni was trying to educate and lecture them about the culture, but didn't tell her anything. They graciously enjoyed her hospitality and thanked her for her efforts.

Later, Leah McSweeney sat down with Eboni and tried to point out how it isn't Eboni's job or responsibility to educate and enlighten everybody around her. Although Leah tried to convey very subtly that Eboni needs to relax a little and try to get to know her fellow housewives better, the new housewife was taken aback. Unfortunately, Leah's subtle message didn't seem to get through to Eboni, as she later met Ramona and badgered the OG housewife into discussing politics and race against her wishes. Despite Ramona making it very clear that she just wants to have some fun and not discuss politics, Eboni still insisted on discussing elections.

Fans weren't pleased with Eboni's behavior of constantly bringing up race and politics into every conversation, and trying to lecture people at every given opportunity. A fan tweeted, "Haven't even watched it yet and I can tell we finna get a history lesson from Eboni, I AM TIRED #RHONY." Another fan wrote, "Eboni turning every scene into history lesson is very tiring at this point I’m over it. #RHONY." "Eboni is annoying and feels that every moment has to be a history lesson. Girl lay back and stop trying to control the room. I can’t stand people who talk too much, know everything, been everywhere they are the smartest people and everyone else is dumb. Leah is right #rhony," added a fan.




Eboni Willimas pushed Ramona Singer into discussing politics (Bravo)

Many fans also pointed out how Eboni's insistence on discussing such heavy subjects in every conversation isn't painting her in a good light. A fan shared, "Oh Eboni…do you even know how to really have a laugh? You’re coming across a little elitist and snobby. #RHONY." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Eboni get off your high horse. You dragged that dinner on too long. You need to stop with mentioning Black people every week. #RHONY." "Eboni, please read the room. It's coming across like you're forcing certain conversations. I don't think you mean to, but it's difficult to watch. It's not your job to educate these ladies. I hope you have some balance in later episodes. #RHONY," expressed a fan.




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