Will Bershan Shaw join 'RHONY' as housewife? Fans want her hired as she calls out 'boring' cast

Bershan Shaw turned up the heat on 'Real Housewives of New York City' after she called the cast boring and fans are here for her

                            Will Bershan Shaw join 'RHONY' as housewife? Fans want her hired as she calls out 'boring' cast
'RHONY' star Bershan Shaw (Bershan Shaw/ Instagram)

Between Eboni Williams' lectures on Black history and excellence and Leah McSweeney's constant 'woke' behavior, fans were beginning to grow bored and tired of 'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 13. But it looks like the new addition to the group aka Bershan Shaw might have saved the day.

Bershan was brought into the group as Ramona Singer's friend. The motivational speaker instantly grabbed everybody's attention with her larger-than-life personality and fun attitude. After battling cancer, Bershan decided to live her life to the fullest, and looks like she's keeping up her promise. So, when the ladies decided to take a fun girls' trip to Salem, Bershan joined the trip hoping that they would all get to have some fun and relaxing time while also getting to bond with each other. Unfortunately for Bershan, things didn't pan out as she had hoped for on the trip.


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Leah and Eboni were grieving the loss of their grandmothers, while Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan were in their own little world. This left Bershan feeling a bit dissatisfied with the trip. So during a dinner table conversation, Bershan openly called them all 'boring' and 'old ladies'. Bershan's remarks stung Luann and Sonja the most, who felt that the newcomer was being rude to the group without knowing them well.

When Luann and Sonja confronted Bershan's 'audacity' for calling them boring, she refused to back down and doubled down on them by pointing out how all of them were behaving like Debbie Downers in what should have been a fun and exciting trip. Her remarks launched a huge fight at the table, leaving us with a very entertaining and memorable episode. 

Fans loved how Bershan so effortlessly managed to revive the show with just one remark and felt that she should be promoted to the position of a housewife in the next season. A fan tweeted, "BERSHAN BERSHAN BERSHAN saved this season from being a total snoozefest. Bravo give this woman an apple, a raise and make sure you sign seal deliver her contract renewal. #rhony Messy boots and gives Wendy Williams realness.." Another fan wrote, "If Bershan is not full time and Leah is asked back . IM OUT #RHONY." "Seriously, full-time hire Bershan, fire Eboni and bring back Dorinda. She was mean but soooo entertaining. #RHONY," echoed another fan.





Another fan commented, "Bershan SHOWED UP FOR WORK!! #RHONY." "Bershan bringing fresh energy. #RHONY," pointed a fan. "I think everyone needs the idea of a big cast shakeup out of their heads for next season. The city was shut down. Bring everyone back. Hire a woman with a messy husband or marriage storyline to get the girls talking, promote Bershan. Maybe axe Leah. Hire another mid 40 HW. #RHONY," expressed a fan. We will just have to wait and watch to see if Bershan does manage to get that coveted apple for the next season.




'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 13 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.