Eboni Williams backs Trump-voting mom, trolled for FAKING outrage against white supremacy

Eboni Williams backs Trump-voting mom, trolled for FAKING outrage against white supremacy
'RHONY' star Eboni K Williams (Bravo)

The New York housewives wanted to get away from all the drama and relax a little, so they decided to take a trip to Salem. What was supposed to be spooky yet fun girls' trip quickly turned into a nightmare with Eboni K Williams at the center of it all.

Ever since Eboni made her debut on 'Real Housewives of New York City' earlier this season, the new housewife turned every situation into a teachable moment on Black culture and history. While initially her fellow housewives and fans were interested and excited to learn about it, they soon got tired of it. The housewife's insistence on preaching on nearly every episode not only wore down her co-stars but also fans, who felt that the housewife was coming across as too intense and wasn't being fun enough.


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During the trip, Sonja Morgan accidentally ended up stirring the pot, when she revealed that Eboni was extremely fun and they had loads of girl talks during their trip to Philadelphia. Bershan Shaw, who recently began hanging out with the group was puzzled on hearing Sonja's very bizarre take on her trip with Eboni. So, the other ladies explained to Bershan how they all at different points felt that Eboni was coming off as very intense as she always kept talking about BLM, Black history, elections, etc.

Eboni immediately tried to defend herself by explaining that she wanted to gauge where all her co-stars stood when it came to their views on BLM, and racism, as she didn't want to be associated with 'white supremacists'. The new housewife bringing up the term white supremacy didn't sit well with the other women, who felt that Eboni was being extremely unfair by even thinking that they could be that. Leah McSweeney then pointed out how when Eboni was working as a reporter for FOX, she has time and again extended her support to Trump, and even reportedly revealed that her mother voted for Trump during Presidential elections.

Eboni admitted that her mother did vote for Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections, but tried to squash the subject by adding that she had her reasons. The new housewife then surprised everybody by saying that it's okay if people supported Trump, as long as they explain their reasons for supporting the former President. She gave an example of how she would totally understand and respect if someone voted for Trump for tax breaks reason.


When fans heard it, they were taken aback by Eboni being subtly supportive of Trump and his followers, they began calling her out for being 'fake'. A fan tweeted, "Eboni’s mom voted for Trump in 2016. Girl, who is this campaign of education for? #rhony." Another fan wrote, "Yoooo Eboni! Yo mama voted for Trump??? IN 2020???!!! #RHONY." "No ma’am! Uuuuuum Eboni, is your mama aligned with white supremacy? Didn’t she vote for Trump? Soooo what is this fake phony act? #RHONY," wondered a fan. Another fan commented, "SHE SUPPORTED TRUMP!!!! Ugh! #RHONY Eboni is fake as hell!" "You are either racist or anti-racist, says Eboni, the woman who voted third party in the 2016 election. And also defended Trump on television. Ok.… #RHONY," expressed a fan.







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