Psy's 'That That' ft. Suga of BTS becomes fastest 2022 music video to cross 100 M views on YouTube

Psy's 'That That' ft. Suga of BTS becomes fastest 2022 music video to cross 100 M views on YouTube
Aside ranking Number 1 on all domestic Korean charts, Psy’s ‘That That’ also achieves 100 million views on YouTube as well as 13 million streams on Spotify (officialpsy/YouTube)

K-pop legend Psy (Park Jai-sang) has finally made his comeback with his ninth full-length album ‘Cheap 9’ after a long hiatus of five years. Psy’s lead single ‘That That’ has also topped various charts globally and is still at the top of many Korean domestic charts, just as fans had expected. Not only that but Psy shocked fans when he announced that he would monetarily compensate the fan who came up with the title of his new album, ‘Ssada-gu’ [싸다9].

In his announcement, Psy stated that he was very happy with the Korean title of his most recent comeback album and wanted the fan who came up with the title to contact him in order to be compensated for their contribution to his most recent comeback. As the accolades pour in, Psy’s ‘That That’ has broken a new record that fans are ecstatic about. The music video for ‘That That’ was released on April 29. Only eight days have passed since the release, but the video has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, proving to fans that Psy really is the boss.


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Psy’s ‘That That’ surpasses 100 million views on YouTube

‘That That’ is now the "fastest" 2022 music video to cross the 100 million mark and this collaboration of Psy and Suga has gone viral on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Fans are participating in the ‘That That’ dance challenge since the day of its release. Initially, the music video for ‘That That’ surpassed 30 million views within 24 hours of its released and subsequently surpassed 50 million views within 75 hours of its release which were also exceptional records.

Not only did the song ‘That That’ from Psy produced by and featuring Suga of BTS do well on YouTube but the single has been a hot fave on song charts since the moment it was released. ‘That That’ ranked at Number 1 on Melon’s Top 100 while also dominating the 24-Hour chart from FLO as well as ranking high at Number 1 on daily and real-time charts from Genie and Bugs, bagging the second 'all-kill' on domestic Korean charts.


‘That That’ ranks at Number 61 on UK chart

Even though Psy’s album did not do as well as expected in terms of sales, fans made up for this in terms of streaming. ‘That That’ recorded 13 million streams on the global music platform Spotify. With the success that Psy has been amassing with his lead single, fans expect to see the song on Billboard Hot 100 which will be released early next week.

While that is something that fans will have to wait for until next week, ‘That That’ has already entered the official UK singles chart in the ‘Top 100’ category by debuting at Number 61. After his hit 2012 single, ‘Gangnam Style’ which debuted at Number 1 on the UK Official Top Song chart, to his 2013 single, ‘Gentleman’ which ranked at Number 10 on the same chart, ‘That That’ is Psy’s third song to enter the UK chart.

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