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Psy drops new teaser, fans wonder who's the next retired idol that P Nation will adopt

Fans wonder which retired K-pop idols will make a comeback with Psy's P Nation as the singer teases a 'coming up next' poster with three photoframes
UPDATED MAR 17, 2022
Psy teases a new event from P Nation that leads fans of K-pop to wonder if it is a retired idol joining the label (@42psy42/Instagram)
Psy teases a new event from P Nation that leads fans of K-pop to wonder if it is a retired idol joining the label (@42psy42/Instagram)

Fans of K-pop are well aware of how Psy, the CEO of the K-pop label P Nation, has been termed as the godfather of the genre of music. After his exit from YG Entertainment, the ‘Gangnam Style’ fame singer launched his new label which soon came to be called the home of idols that either left their labels due to controversies or were kicked out due to other issues. With idols like Jessi, as well as former Cube Entertainment artists HyunA and Dawn, P Nation now has a dedicated artist lineup as it has come to be called the redemption label in K-pop. 

Due to this reputation, fans of many idols who are wrongfully abandoned by their labels manifest that their faves be “adopted” by Psy so that these idols have a second chance in their careers. With HyunA and Dawn as an example, many fans of K-pop now manifest Cube Entertainment’s former singer Soojin, who was part of (G)I-DLE and had her contract terminated after she was accused of school bullying, now join P Nation as Psy teases a new event with a ‘Coming Up Next’ poster.


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Is P Nation going to relaunch three new artists?

Given P Nation’s history when it comes to K-pop idols having their redemption as Psy takes them under his wings, when the label dropped a new teaser on March 16, the entire K-pop fandom on Twitter started theorizing what it could mean. In the new update from P Nation, Psy is seen holding three faceless photo frames that highlight silhouettes of individuals. The photo is captioned ‘Coming Up Next’ with the date, 29 March 2022, and the time, 6 PM, as a hashtag that has raised questions amongst fans.


The three photo frames that Psy holds in his hands are empty, leaving fans to wonder who the three artists to join Psy will be. While there are many other possibilities, fans are speculating that this teaser is a hint at a collaboration between HYBE artists. If not, hopeful fans are also willing to manifest not one but three new entries into P Nation from formerly retired artists. While the latter seems highly unlikely, fans are excited nevertheless.


'If it is Soojin I'll stan P Nation forever'

This post led fans to a frenzy as they manifested a retired idol joining P Nation. One fan stated, "Yall if one of them is soojin i'll stan p nation forever." Another fan said, "As much as i want to see soojin back on the stage pls stop treating p nation like an idol adoption agency." One 'delusional' fan said, "Oh i will live in delusion until the end!!!! let’s walk the pretty v*viz path jongronren!" They also said, "Pls the amount of insane that i would go if this were true,,,p nation my wallet would be yours 24/7 365."

One fan of Jessi said, "I WANT TO SCREAM THIS ON TOP OF MY LUNGS IN FRONT OF PNATION BUILDING." One NU'EST fan wondered, "I may be reaching but the right one kinda looks like jonghyun." One scary fan said, "Whats this new artists joining pnation because if yes i hope its jronr—[GVNSH0TS]" One fan burst everyone's bubble stating, "It’s a collab with three artists under nation."

Another fan wondered, "Jessi because she's been giving clues hyuna and dawn because hyuna said after ping pong they will release solos." They also stated, "But i gotta admit that the one on the right looks like the pnation photo of penomeco." Another fan said, "Okay but pnation usually use "coming up next" to announce their artists comeback or something related to their artists so idk.."