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Rudy Farias

Rudy Farias

Was Rudy Farias really molested by his mother? Man claims he developed Stockholm syndrome while living with Janie Santana's lies

Rudy Farias, 25, claimed that his mother, Janie Santana, kept him in captivity, treated him like a slave, and administered hallucinogenic drugs
Jul 12, 2023

Who is Jacque Brunswick? 'Surrogate parent' to Rudy Farias raises longstanding suspicions about his mother

The bizarre case garnered international attention after Janie Santana announced that her son, Rudy Farias, now 25, had been 'found' after almost a decade.
Jul 9, 2023

Who is Grizzy? Local activist claims Rudy Farias' mom Janie Santana is a 'catfish' on Internet

Rudy Farias' mother Janie Santana allegedly used fake profiles on Facebook for 'personal gain'
Jul 8, 2023

Who is Quanell X? Ex-detective believes activist's 'horrible stories' can jeopardize Rudy Farias’ case

According to Mark Stephens, people should let the authorities do their job rather than making an arrest based on Quanell X's stories
Jul 8, 2023

Who is Gilbert Quiroz? Ex-husband of 'sex slave' Rudy Farias' mom calls her a bigamist married to multiple men

Gilbert Quiroz filed for divorce within a year of discovering that Janie had been legally married to one of her five other spouses
Jul 7, 2023

Who is Rudy Farias' aunt? Pauline Sanchez-Rodriguez slams mom Janie Santana as 'manipulative and greedy'

The latest update in the Rudy Farias case has revealed that the 25-year-old man was reportedly not missing all these years after all
Jul 7, 2023

How did Charles Farias die? Rudy Farias was just 13 when he lost his big brother and 'best friend'

Rudy Farias was reeling from the death of his brother and father and suffered from PTSD, depression, and anxiety
Jul 6, 2023

How did Rudolph Farias III die? Rudy Farias' dad was a police officer in the traffic enforcement division

Rudy Farias' father Rudolph Farias III had recently been dismissed from his duties at the time of his death
Jul 6, 2023

Why has Janie Santana not been arrested? Rudy Farias' mother allegedly held him hostage and used him as sex slave for years

Rudy Farias told a mediator that his mother Janie Santana made him sleep with her in the bed naked and 'made him play daddy'
Jul 6, 2023

The Tragic life of Rudy Farias: 25-yr-old claims mom held him as sex slave for years before escape

Farias has accused his mother of captivity and abuse, including forcing him to 'play daddy' while naked in bed
Jul 6, 2023

Was Rudy Farias really missing? Neighbors of Texas man missing for eight years claim he had been with mom all along

Rudy Farias was 17 when he went missing in March 2015 while walking his dogs and he was 'located safe' on June 29
Jul 5, 2023

Who is Rudy Farias? Texas teen missing for over eight years is miraculously found alive

Farias, 25, is safe after being located but was discovered with cuts and bruises, along with blood in his hair
Jul 3, 2023