'NCT Life' Gapyeong teaser: Jaehyun impresses fans with competitiveness

Here's everything that went down in the first teaser of NCT 127's variety show that is set to air on August 30

                            'NCT Life' Gapyeong teaser: Jaehyun impresses fans with competitiveness
Jaehyun gives his all in 'NCT Life: Gapyeong' teaser (@nct127, @smcnc_studio/Instagram)

‘NCT Life’ is a variety show where we see the members of NCT get together to just relax, play around and explore a city. To date, we’ve had ten seasons with the first season airing in 2016. The last season was in 2020 with the Dream members as we got ‘NCT Life: Dream in Wonderland’. For the upcoming eleventh season, we have the NCT 127 members going to Gapyeong for the variety show. The first teaser was released a few hours ago and caused quite a stir thanks to Jaehyun.

Expectations are high for the newest season for several reasons. This is the first time member Jungwoo will be participating in the ‘NCT Life’ series. Additionally, this is 127’s first group activity since their commercial collaboration for Amoeba Culture and their fifth-anniversary fan meeting. ‘NCT Life: Gapyeong’ will air its first episode on August 30 on Seezn’s app every Monday and Tuesday at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). And Seezn released a teaser of what to expect from the show.

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The first teaser of ‘NCT Life: Gapyeong’

The 12-episode show was filmed at a luxury villa in Gapyeong. The boys will be participating in various water sports from water skiing to water volleyball. They will also be playing several games such as tug of war to trivia games with tons of penalties. All in all, the boys seem to be having fun as we see Johnny and Jaehyun have a swimming race to Yuta killing it while water skiing. And we can always count on Jungwoo and Haechan to keep things fun as they keep the mood light with their antics.



But Jaehyun ended up trending on Twitter for several reasons. As one of the buff members of the group, fans were in awe as he sported a sleeveless tee that showed off his biceps. NCTzens also found it hilarious that the otherwise relaxed member’s competitive nature came out while playing games. As the boys use mind games to fulfill their missions and probably play games like the mafia game, Jaehyun is seen trying to do his best to win.

‘Calm down’

NCTzen were in a frenzy with tweets like, “Jeong jaehyun is driving me crazy,” and “Jeong jaehyun and his competitive ass in a sleeveless top.” Others joked with posts like, “I JUST WANNA SAY THANK U, MR. JEONG JAEHYUN FOR CHOOSING TO WEAR A SLEEVELESS TOP. THAT IS ALL,” and “Save doyoung!! jaEHYUN CALM DOWN.” One fan added, “Olympic Gold Medallist Jeong Jaehyun. I know that’s right.” NCTzens also hoped that he would bring back his look from the past ‘NCT Life’ episodes. “The fact that there's a huge possibility of seeing jaehyun wearing his snapback all throughout 'nct life in gapyeong', is making me want to tear up rn. just look at him!!” another posted, “Looks so handsome even in low quality, that's jeong jaehyun.”









Fans wondered how chaotic the show would get as even the villa’s staff said that it was filmed on a large scale. They also couldn’t help but find Jungwoo endearing since this is his first ‘NCT Life’, “Jungwoo : Just look at it until the end! Keep going! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's so cute.” Jaehyun is also not the only competitive member as one fan pointed out, “When you put haechan and doyoung in one team, be ready because they're competitive af OH YES AND JUNGWOO TOO.” We also got to see Yuta’s adorable smile in the teaser, “Therapy is expensive, Yuta's smile is free.”