NCT’s Taeil sets Guinness World Record for fastest to reach 1M Instagram followers

NCT’s Taeil sets Guinness World Record for fastest to reach 1M Instagram followers
NCT's Taeil has the 'fastest' Instagram account in the world (@nct127/Instagram)

NCT’s Taeil is known for his powerful and heavenly vocals as well as being the oldest of the 23 member group. But it looks like he will also be known for having a Guinness World Record to his name. Guinness World Records revealed on July 13th that Taeil’s Instagram had the "fastest time" recorded to reach the magic number of 1 million followers. Apparently, it took him only 1 hour and 45 mins to get that many followers.

Taeil happens to be the latest NCT member to open an Instagram account with 14 out of 23 of them having an account already. Many decided to open them during the end of last year to promote their NCT 2020 comeback. Lucas and Ten were the first NCT members to open an Instagram account back in 2019 to promote their group 'Super M'. 


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Taeil: Guinness World Record holder

While no one doubts Taeil’s popularity, many wondered how he did it, since he opened his account without any display picture, name or bio that stated that he was, in fact, NCT’s Taeil. Not only that, since his account had first been announced on the K-pop app ‘Bubble’, many international fans who did not have access to the app had a hard time believing it was him. 

Taeil too was surprised as he showed his gratitude. Stating that he would have never imagined himself being a Guinness World Records title holder, he thanked his fans and members. He also said that he would do his best to use his account to better communicate with everyone. He joined the social media platform on July 6th and currently has 1.8 million followers.

Fans loved Taeil's innocent vibe which was visible as he struggled to figure out Instagram at first. He even reposted a story by Mark and stated that Instagram seemed too difficult for him. NCTzens also hyped his account on Twitter and Instagram, and wondered what must have been going on in the NCT dorm since Taeil seemed to be the last person to use the app. The other members seemed more excited about the account since they were the first ones to follow and like Taeil's first Instagram post. 

When the news about the Guinness Record was released, fans took to Twitter to trend ‘TAEIL WORLD RECORD HOLDER’. One fan tweeted, “What's your biggest flex? mine is that i'm stanning moon taeil from nct, a world record holder.” Another fan tweeted, “Waking up to world record breaker and master moon menpa. It is indeed taeil tuesday.” One tweeted, “The fact that he opened his instagram without pfp, name, and bio that says he’s from sm ent. and a member of nct. yaasaasssss it’s moon taeil y’all.”




The last person to hold this title had been Harry Potter actor Ruper Grint back in November 2020. He had set the record at 4 hours 1 minute when he joined Instagram to announce his first child’s birth. A month before him, 94-year-old David Attenborough had held the record as he opened an account for climate change activism.

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