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NCT's newest member Shotaro gets his first solo magazine photoshoot with Vogue

NCT's newest member Shotaro talks about being a fan of NCT, his goal for 2021's second half and his love for dancing
NCT's Shotaro appears in Vogue Korea (@voguekorea)
NCT's Shotaro appears in Vogue Korea (@voguekorea)

SM Entertainment has been pushing the limits of what a K-pop group should be since the early 2000s. With ideas like a rotational group to infinite members, netizens are waiting to see how it works out. While a rotating cast where a new member would replace an old one fell through for Super Junior, NCT’s experiment has had better luck. With new members constantly being added since NCT’s debut in 2016, SM seems to be testing the fans’ loyalty. But they don’t need to worry since the newest members, Shotaro and Sungchan are already loved by everyone.

The two members debuted with NCT 2020 where all 23 members came together to release ‘Resonance’. But SM tends to go back to focusing on their NCT sub-units after the yearly release with all the members, which worried some fans. While Shotaro and Sungchan do not have a fixed sub-unit like 127, Dream or WayV, they’re still booked and busy. Shotaro, in fact, had his very first solo magazine photoshoot with Vogue.

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Shotaro appears in Vogue Korea

Hailing from Japan, Shotaro was already known for his dance moves thanks to his TikTok account. Not only that, before he debuted, he was a huge fan of NCT. It must have been like a dream come true for him with him getting to debut in the same group. He spoke about this surreal experience, language barriers, as well as his love for dancing in his interview with Vogue.

Looks like Shotaro is already a much sought-after K-pop idol. Not only was his first magazine photoshoot solo, but it was also with Vogue Korea. In an artistic and fashion-forward concept, Shotaro showed off his sophisticated side with edgy outfits. He also revealed an endearing fact that before his interview he had spent hours preparing and working on his Korean with his teacher. He added that his goal for the second half of the year was to watch Korean movies without subtitles.

He also reminisced about the time when he first heard he was debuting in NCT. He was practicing with Sungchan when a staff member came up to them. They were then told that they would be debuting with NCT and participating in NCT 2020. Shotaro remembered his heart beating loudly and all that he could think was "Is this real?"

He also explained why he wanted to become an artist. He said that songs gave people happiness and if he could give just a little bit of positive strength to his listeners he would be happy. He added that he wanted to be an artist that inspired people and would be remembered for a long time and cited that he wanted to be like Michael Jackson. He also wanted to share his dancing skills and teach them to children with unfortunate circumstances.

'The next TOP model'

NCTzens took to Twitter to hype up Shotaro’s first solo shoot. One tweeted, “Models should be thankful that osaki shotaro choose music.” Another fan tweeted, “Shotaro:                             the whole ncity:.” One tweeted, “Shotaro THE next top model.” Another tweeted, “Shotaro?!?! damn he looks like disney character.”