'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing': Why did James ghost Mariah after discussing moving in with her?

The upcoming episode of 'Ghosted' features Mariah who was ghosted by her boyfriend James after a year of dating

                            'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing': Why did James ghost Mariah after discussing moving in with her?
Mariah and James (MTV)

Wednesday night's episode of 'Ghosted:Love Gone Mising' Season 2 is about Mariah. She reached out to hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills with her story of how her boyfriend of one year, James, had ghosted her without a trace. In the trailer, Mariah is seen admitting that she's moved on in her life but the feelings she harbors for James is not something she could just put off like a switch and she enlisted the help of Rachel and Travis to help find James and seek some kind of closure on that front. 

Mariah met James while working at the Cheesecake factory. They started off as colleagues, became friends and eventually started dating. January 2019 was when they officially began their relationship and December 2019 was the last she saw of him. They had spent an evening together and then he insisted on leaving citing an early morning shift, however, never turned up at work the next day.

A worried Mariah sent in a slew of text messages to him as well as DMs on Instagram asking him why he'd been ignoring her but none of those messages really got delivered to him and it wasn't long before she understood that she'd been blocked. To make things worst, he also quit his job and this confused Mariah all the more.

Mariah also told Rachel and Travis that there was nothing she could point out that went wrong in the relationship. Things were very good between them to a point where they even discussed moving in together with each other.

Tune in to the episode to find out what really would've happened between them for James to act like the way he did. 

'Ghosted' Season 2 is completely virtual and Travis and Rachel have been doing all the sleuthing from the confines of their home, due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they're leaving no stone unturned in helping people who have reached out, seeking ways to rekindle connections and gather information on their loved ones who may have ghosted them without notice. 


'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing' airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET only on MTV.

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