'Monsters At Work' Episode 4: Why does Duncan try to help 'rival no.1' Tylor?

Duncan voiced by Lucas Neff is a many-eyed monster who views new employee Tylor with suspicion

                            'Monsters At Work' Episode 4: Why does Duncan try to help 'rival no.1' Tylor?
Duncan and Tylor from 'Monsters At Work' (IMDb)

Duncan, voiced by Lucas Neff, is soon turning out to be one of the Monsters on 'Monsters At Work' that gets the truly giant giggles going. In the latest episode of 'Monsters At Work', Duncan hilariously tries to 'help' Tylor (Ben Feldman) find a team of expert bowlers so that Tylor can impress Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) by helping Mike to beat his rival Gary's (Gabriel Iglesias) team at the annual Bowl-off-a-thon.

Duncan initially hilariously tries to convey the information via his mystery voice to Tylor, and even though he puts on a number of accents that will no doubt have fans laughing out loud, Tylor knows that it's Duncan right through. It is all the more impressive that Lucas Neff who voices Duncan manages to stand out in a cast that is chock a block with the voice talents of stars like Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Henry Winkler and Mindy Kaling.


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Lucas Neff voices Duncan on 'Monsters At Work' (IMDB)

Tylor is understandably suspicious as to why Duncan is suddenly so keen to help him since Duncan has made it clear that he thinks Tylor is his number one rival. A rivalry that is purely one-sided since Tylor has no desire to stick with the M.I.F.T team (Monsters Inc Facilities Team) for long in any case. Duncan. however, rather hilariously isn't taking any chances and in cloak and dagger style in a room marked 'Secert Room' (we guess spelling is not high on the priority at 'Monsters University'), gets Tylor to sign a contract that he will never go after the job that Duncan has his sights set on.

Tylor signs the contract and Duncan, true to his word, sends some formidable bowlers to bowl for Mike's team. But what will the initial M.I.F.T team that Tylor put together feel about being replaced? Will they realize that Tylor was simply using them to get into the good books of Mike Wazowski and not to bond with them over bowling as they thought? To find out if the M.I.F.T team manages to forgive Tylor, you can catch the latest episode of 'Monsters At Work' on Disney+.

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