'Monsters At Work' Review: Scares are out as new gen carries on legacy of laughter

Apart from Billy Crystal and John Goodman, the Disney + show features the voice talents of Ben Feldman and Mindy Kaling

                            'Monsters At Work' Review: Scares are out as new gen carries on legacy of laughter
'Monsters At Work' features the voice talents of Ben Feldman and Henry Winkler (IMDB)

The spin-off series of the 'Monsters, Inc.' franchise 'Monsters At Work' has the series poking fun at its own tagline 'It's Laughter We're After' and wondering why they couldn't come up with anything better. It's always a good sign when a show takes the mickey or in this case the monster out of itself, and it proves to be an accurate yardstick of what's to come. 

The cast of 'Monsters At Work' is chock a block with comic talent, which is a good thing because in the world of Monsters, Inc, scarers are out and jokesters are in, after Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley's (John Goodman) discovery that laughter generates 10 times more energy than screams.

The Monsters, Incorporated power plant has now started harvesting the laughter of children to fuel the city of Monstropolis. However, young and eager monster Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Feldman), who has always dreamt of being a scarer, hasn't received the memo it seems, and is in for a bit of career change as he finds out on his first day of work at the Monsters, Incorporated power plant. He is then placed with the M.I.F.T team (Monsters Inc Facilities Team) which is no laughing matter for him in the least.
For the rest of us, it provides plenty of fodder for fun. Comic veterans such as Henry Winkler, John Goodman, and Billy Crystal join forces with younger comedians such as Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, and Lucas Neff. While fans of the 'Monsters, Inc.' franchise are no strangers to the charms of Billy Crystal who plays the lovable Mike Wazowski, and John Goodman who plays gentle giant Sulley, it is Henry Winkler as the lovable scatter brained leader of the M.I.F.T. team that viewers will probably end up feeling the fondest towards. Whether he is making eyes or make that one eye at the newest member of his team, young Tylor's mother, or trying to keep the band of misfits that is the team of M.I.F.T together, Winkler is in fine form. 


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'Monsters At Work' features the voice talent of Ben Feldman (IMDB)

Lucas Neff who plays the sarcastic Duncan, who has an emotional support animal and not a pet, is hilarious with his snarky one-liners often aimed at Tylor who he calls 'pretty boy', and who he doesn't see eye to eye or rather eye to eyes with. Mindy Kaling plays Val who was in college with Tylor, and who clearly had a bit of an unrequited crush on Tylor, is hilarious as she talks a mile a minute about shockra yoga and living in the 'Scaribbean' where she sold scream shells until she decided to changed gears into competitive eating. Val literally sounds like what we imagine Mindy Kaling would be as a cartoon and that's always a good thing. To find out just how Tylor will fit into the team at M.I.F.T. you can watch future episodes of 'Monsters at Work' on Disney +. The first two episodes of the ten-episode series began streaming on Disney Plus on July 7. 

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