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'Monsters At Work' Episodes 1 and 2: Will scarer Tylor ever fit in with the MIFT team?

'Monsters At Work' is a spin off series of the 'Monsters Inc,' franchise in which scaring is out and laughter is in
'Monsters At Work' features the voice talent of Ben Feldman (IMDB)
'Monsters At Work' features the voice talent of Ben Feldman (IMDB)

MIFT which stands for Monsters Inc Facilities Team sounds an awful lot like misfits and that is the general idea in the spin-off series of the 'Monsters, Inc' franchise 'Monsters At Work'. The MIFT team is a band of oddballs in some cases quite literally who spend their time down in the deep dark basement of the Monsters Incorporated power plant. It's not surprising that young Tylor (Ben Feldman) who graduated at the top of his class as a scarer is less than pleased to be reassigned 'temporarily' to the MIFT team now that the plant is being powered by laugh power and not scare power anymore. 

However, Tylor soon finds as one often does in animated films, that the MIFT team have their charms and their uses. The team is led by a scatterbrained but lovable boss Fritz (Henry Winkler) who keeps an eye quite literally in this case firmly and lovingly planted on his work family which he strives to make Tylor feel a part of, perhaps a little too enthusiastically at first. The MIFT team also includes Val who was Tylor's old college buddy in her eyes, whereas he can barely remember her. But Val voiced by Mindy Kaling is the kind of perky presence anyone would want at work if just to spell the boredom. If 'Monsters At Work' sounds appealing then you and your child may also enjoy films such as 'Luca' and 'Soul'.


'Monsters At Work' Review: Scares are out as new gen carries on legacy of laughter

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'Monsters At Work' features the voice talents of Ben Feldman and Henry Winkler (IMDB)

While it initially seems to Tylor that the MIFT doesn't do much of maintaining anything other than their sense of camaraderie over banana bread, he soon realizes that when the chips are down or in this case a nut, the team bands together and comes to the rescue of Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) who finds himself in a spot of trouble. Tylor also realizes that the team which all plays to their own strengths in a crisis could use his particular brand of brawn which also possibly helped him to be the top-notch scarer he was. Will Tylor find a place for his talents on team MIFT and will he fit in right in with the monster misfits sooner rather than later? You can find out by catching future episodes of the ten-episode series 'Monsters At Work'. Episodes one and two began streaming on Disney + on July 7.