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'Monsters At Work' Episode 3: Mike and Sulley babysit a human baby and things get mad

Mike and Sulley are now the top two monsters at Monsters, Inc after they discovered laughter generates more power than fear
UPDATED JUL 14, 2021
'Monsters At Work' stars the voice talents of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman and Mindy Kaling amongst others (Instagram@disneyplus)
'Monsters At Work' stars the voice talents of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman and Mindy Kaling amongst others (Instagram@disneyplus)

The monsters are feeling the heat, or rather the cold, in the latest episode of 'Monsters At Work', after one of the monsters, Phlegm, damages a child's room when he gets a particularly bad sneezing fit. It's not just any child's room it's one of their best gigglers. Giggles are akin to gold at Monsters Incorporated after Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) discovered that laughter generates more power than fear. The damaged room then requires the attention of the M.I.F.T. (Monsters Incorporated Facilities Team) team and new recruit Tylor (Ben Feldman) is thrilled to see an actual kid's room. 

Tylor and Val (Mindy Kaling) are both put on the job to repair the kid's room so that the parent's suspicions aren't raised, but when they realize that the baby is a bit fussy and every cry brings her parents into the room, they decide that she needs a little babysitting. The monsters deemed right for the job are Mike and Sulley, with Mike saying that the reason he'll be an excellent sitter is that he is immune to children's charms. If 'Monsters At Work' appeals to you, then perhaps you and your child will also enjoy films like 'Luca'


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Not surprisingly, Mike soon starts to get attached to the baby and makes the cardinal mistake of naming the baby Snore because the baby snores gently in its sleep. As Sulley tells him once you name something you get attached to it. Mike, however, doesn't want to give up his carefree child-free life and decides he's not going to miss a baseball game with Sulley just because he's looking after a baby. Mike and Sulley then take the baby to the game where they feed it hot dogs - a mess even monsters can't take. Mike and Sulley's dynamic as they take on the roles of a cranky exhausted mother and a bemused what-did-I-do-wrong-now father Sulley is highly entertaining. 

Will Mike be able to let go of Snore when the time comes. Well, all we will say right now is that he sings the best off-key lullaby we've heard in a while and maybe that will help to make the parting easier. Will there be a baby grubby wubby on the horizon for Mike and Celia? To find out and see more of Mike's 'maternal' instincts coming to the fore, you can catch the latest episodes of 'Monsters At Work' every Wednesday on Disney+.