'Monsters At Work' Episode 3: Will Tylor and Val end up falling in love?

'Monsters At Work', the series based on the 'Monsters, Inc' franchise, began streaming on July 7

                            'Monsters At Work' Episode 3: Will Tylor and Val end up falling in love?
'Monsters At Work' stars the voice talents of Ben Feldman, Henry Winkler and Mindy Kaling (IMDB)

Over the last two episodes of 'Monsters At Work', we've seen the permanently perky Val (Mindy Kaling) remember a lot of shared college memories with her 'college buddy' Tylor (Ben Feldman). Tylor, who just remembers one class with her in which they didn't exchange more than a few words, initially humors her by gently reminding her that they were only in class one time together. However, when they work on their first high-stress job together, Val's reminiscing finally gets under Tylor's skin, or hide in this case. 

He lashes out at Val, telling her she must have him mistaken for someone else because he has no recollection of any of the memories she has with him in college. Val then shows the pain beneath the perky exterior and says the reason she remembers so much about Tylor was that he was the first person who actually even spoke to her at Monsters University, where she was largely ignored. A passing interaction with Tylor, where he asked Val if the seat next to her was taken, meant the world to an overlooked Val, even if Tylor didn't give it a second thought. If you enjoy 'Monsters At Work', perhaps you and your child will also enjoy films like 'Soul' and 'Luca'. 


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But while Tylor initially can't remember much about Val, he clearly makes an effort to share what he does after seeing Val so upset. He tells Val that he remembers that she shared her candy with him and that she told him that he was sitting in the best seat in the classroom. This shared memory is extremely precious to Val. Tylor tells her they aren't just college buddies but work buddies as well, and now they can build a whole set of work memories together.

It's an extremely tender moment and we can't help but wonder if this new work friendship will lead to love as well. To find out more on this sweet new monster friendship, you can catch the latest episodes of 'Monsters At Work' every Wednesday on Disney+. 

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