Monsta X postpone US & Canada tour third time, fans say 'not surprised but also crying'

Monsta X's label has announced the postponement of their January 2022 tour to May 2022 due to a rise in Covid cases across the globe

                            Monsta X postpone US & Canada tour third time, fans say 'not surprised but also crying'
The K-pop group Monsta X has now announced the postponement of their 'No Limit' US tour (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

It’s like the onset of Covid only brought bad luck to fans of K-pop with the pushing back of multiple K-pop concerts from various groups. And now, Starship Entertainment's boy group Monsta X has announced the postponement of their US and Canada tour that was first slated to be held in 2020. After the onset of the novel Coronavirus back in 2020, Monsta X, just like the rest of the world, expected the pandemic to be over in no time, and initially pushed back the tour to April and May 2021. But in March 2021, Starship Entertainment announced that the tour was going to be pushed back a second time and slated for January and February of 2022.

Now with the third wave of Covid, Monsta X announced a postponement of their US and Canada tour for the third time, a week ahead of schedule. The 2022 Monsta X US and Canada Tour was slated to begin in New York by the end of this month but on January 20, a week before the date of the tour, Monsta X’s label shared with the fandom that the tour had to be pushed back one more time. Fans of the group expected this with the sudden rise in Covid cases in South Korea as well as the rest of the world.


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Monsta X’s ‘No Limit’ US & Canada tour gets new dates

Starship Entertainment released its official statement via Monsta X’s Twitter handle. In the said statement, it was announced that the Monsta X's ‘No Limit’ tour slated to begin in the last week of January has now been pushed back to summer 2022. While the tour was initially slated to kick off from the end of January up until February this year, the label has now pushed it back to the end of May 2022. The revised dates of Monsta X’s US tour are from May 21, 2022. The first show from the tour will start in New York and end on June 11, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.




Not only that, with the revision of the tour dates, Monsta X has also canceled four cities from their upcoming summer tour. Monsta X revealed that they will only be performing in nine cities unlike the original plan of 13 cities before the revised dates were announced. In their statement, Starship Entertainment revealed that the decision to postpone this concert comes after putting the safety of fans, artists, and staff at the top.

Starship also revealed that fans will be able to reuse their previously purchased tickets with the revised dates of the concert.


'Will this ever end?'

Fans of the groups are taking the news of their upcoming tour being postponed rather well but one thing that all fans agree on is that they are tired of the concert being rescheduled. One fan joked, "Not surprised but also..." A confused monbebe asked, "May-June??? And what about the kpop flex that is held in May 14 and that monsta x are supposed to attend in Germany ? Yall just made it more confusing now." One fan said, "I was going to go to the Denver show too! I am pissed that it got canceled I was so excited to see them and go to my first k pop concert but nope." One fan said, "Ya'll got rid of Denver. The ultimate vip tickets I held onto for 3 years....just gone."

One monbebe questioned, "Genuinely asking, wouldn’t it just be easier to cancel it atp it’s been postponed and rescheduled so many times?" Another fan said, "No seriously! I’ve been saying this and it’s so frustrating. I just want my money back atp lol." One fan questioned, "Why would you wait until a week before tour started to announce this???" One fan said, "OUR CONCERT WAS GONNA BE ON VALENTINES DAY. IT WAS GONNA BE SO SPECIAL." Another fan hoped, "Can covid pls go away."