Monsta X 'No Limit': Release date, tracks and all about their rodeo album

Monsta X 'No Limit': Release date, tracks and all about their rodeo album
Monsta X will release their first album as five members after Shownu's enlistment with 'No Limit' in November (@official_monsta_x/Instagram)

K-pop group Monsta X has been on a blast ever since they released news about not one but two comebacks. Their last release, ‘One Day’, was a pre-released single from upcoming album ‘The Dreaming’ that will be released one month from now on December 10. Giving Monbebes less than a month to get back to sanity, Monsta X is making its comeback first with their Korean album ‘No Limit’.


All five active members of the group are doing well in terms of their solo careers when it comes to new music but fans who wish for Shownu to be part of everything that Monsta X does will be sad to hear that despite promising many pre-recorded activities before his enlistment, the group's leader will not be a part of the album as ‘No Limit’ marks the group's first five-member album leaving the responsibility of giving fans a power-packed movie-like release on the strong shoulders of other five members as Shownu completes his dedicated military enlistment.



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Release Date

Monsta X  will release their tenth mini-album ‘No Limit’ on November 19 at 2 pm KST, while having a simultaneous international release at 12 am ET.


How to listen

The mini-album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn among others.




1. Rush Hour 
2. Autobahn
3. Ride with U
4. Got me in chains
5. Just love
6. Mercy
7. I got love

With members I.M (Changkyun) and Jooheon (Joohoney) working on the lyrics of all seven songs of the album as well as participating in the arrangement and composition of some songs, the album becomes a personal release from the group as a five-member unit. The album comes in four versions with a movie-like concept for each of the versions.




In a mood sampler video that was released on November 12, Monsta X announced their comeback with a waving red flag with their logo on it. The mood sampler shows the different charms of each member as it opens with a shot of Jooheon as he looks into the camera followed by a close-up of I.M’s face moving on to Kihyun. The camera panned to Minhyuk next and ended on Hyunwon. In particular, what made the sampler stand out was the fact that all five members of the group sported a cowboy look as they paired their casual jean and sleeveless jackets with rodeo hats.


The title of the album already made it seem like a movie appearance with Monsta X members taking on Hollywood 'limitless' themes, making fans wonder if they were going to release a science-fiction thriller embodying Bradley Cooper. Much to their surprise, fans will get to see cowboys in the album that will release in the days to come.




Monsta X will release their teaser for 'No Limit' on November 17 ahead of their comeback. 

Music Video

Monsta X will release the music video for 'Rush Hour' from their album 'No Limit' on November 19 at 2 pm KST (12 am ET).

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