Monsta X's Hyungwon and Jooheon to host 'Idol Radio' Season 2, Monbebes get a glimpse of Shownu

Jooheon and Hyungwon from Monsta X who fondly call each other jhagiya are set to be the new DJ's of the radio show

                            Monsta X's Hyungwon and Jooheon to host 'Idol Radio' Season 2, Monbebes get a glimpse of Shownu
Monsta X members Hyungwon and Jooheon confirmed as new hosts for MBC's Idol Radio (@idolradiokorea/Twitter)

Monbebes worldwide are excited as they will be occupied by a plethora of Monsta X activities in the coming days. 

MBC announced on Thursday that season 2 of their popular program 'Idol Radio' will return on August 9, exclusively via the Universe app. Not only that, Monsta X members Hyungwon and Jooheon have been confirmed as new hosts for the radio show. The show will be made available to fans globally first on Monday, August 9, followed by every Thursday and Monday thereafter at 8 pm KST on the Universe app as well as on MBC's official radio network for local listeners in South Korea. Monbebes were thrilled for another reason, as it was the first time they were able to see a photo of Monsta X’s leader Shownu weeks after his mandatory military enlistment.


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Jooheon at MBC IDOL Radio Sration (@idolradiokorea/Twitter)

Jhagiya line as the DJ duo

Monsta X's jhagiya line is all set to host the upcoming new season of Idol Radio. Season 1 of the show was hosted by idols like DAY6's Young K and GOT7's Choi Youngjae. Fans are excited to see the bandmates host the show together. One can expect a lot of inside jokes and bonding moments on the show. Both Jooheon and Hyungwon are known for being poles apart. While Hyungwon seems like a shy introverted real-life DJ, Jooheon appears to be a loud, extroverted, intimidating-looking softie. 

It goes without saying fans will have a gala time having both Jooheon as well as Hyungwon as new hosts of the show. While commenting about their new role as DJs for 'Idol Radio' Season 2, Hyungwon and Jooheon made a statement via their agency Starship Entertainment, “It is an honor to be the new DJs of Idol Radio. As we start season two, we will do our best to become DJs who are responsible for bringing energy and laughter to our listeners.”

Jooheon at MBC IDOL Radio Sration with his and Hyungwon's cardboard cutouts (@idolradiokorea/Twitter)

Meanwhile, Monsta X is all set to entertain fans with back-to-back solo or duo events as Minhyuk is all set to appear in season 2 of their variety show 'Back to the Idol' with Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Not only that, Monsta X’s leader Shownu as well as Hyungwon are set to appear in K-dramas soon. Here is how Monbebes took the news of recent Monsta X activities.