Mnet announces 2022 variety show lineup including ‘I-Land 2’ and ‘Queendom 2’

With the popularity of Mnet shows like 'Kingdom: Legendary War', 'Girls Planet 999' and 'Street Woman Fighter' last year, the network announces many more shows to look forward to

                            Mnet announces 2022 variety show lineup including ‘I-Land 2’ and ‘Queendom 2’
Mnet announces a list of survival shows that will air in 2022 (Mnet)

The network that gave hit variety shows like ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and ‘Girls Planet 999’ in 2021 has planned a new lineup of upcoming reality shows that will decorate the year to come. On January 20, Mnet, a Korean music channel that is loved by K-pop fans around the world, announced a set of shows that will be renewed into a new season to be aired in January of 2022.

Since its inception in 1995, the broadcasting network Mnet has been known to have expanded the genre of K-pop from audition programs like ‘Superstar K’ as well as other shows like ‘I Can See Your Voice’ among many. Now as generations keep passing on, the love for Mnet variety shows does not seem to end. The global idol project and survival show, ‘I-Land’ that gave the K-pop world their monster rookie boy group Enhypen is going to make a comeback with a second season this 2022. Not only that, the war series, ‘Queendom’ that Mamamoo last dominated has also announced a second season among other shows.


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Mnet announces ‘I-Land 2’ and ‘Queendom 2’

The survival show, ‘I-Land’ was an observational reality program that showed the process in which a new K-pop group is born which is also a joint project that combines Mnet's planning and production capabilities with HYBE Label’s production knowledge. In the year 2020, the first season of the show gave birth to the boy group Enhypen who has made quite the name for themselves in the music industry by accumulating more than 1 million album sales ever since they made their debut. Mnet has announced a second season of the show titled, ‘I-Land 2’ that will lead to the birth of a fourth-gen K-pop girl group that will follow the footsteps of Enhypen.

Not only that but also the show that gave birth to a new ‘war’ series in the history of Mnet is coming back with a new season this 2022. ‘Queendom’ was Mnet's war series that aired on Mnet over the last few years alongside the likes of ‘Road to Kingdom’ and ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’. These shows were known to feature K-pop idols and groups that had already made their debut in the past in healthy performance-based competition at the show and grab a chance to take home the winning title.

In the 2021 version of the show, ‘Kingdom: Legendary War', Stray Kids defeated the other boy groups on the show, taking the title home. In 2022, the comeback war 'Queendom 2' is slated to air in which six existing girl groups will come together to compete for the winning title.


Mnet also announces other variety shows

Alongside 'I-Land 2' and 'Queendom 2', Mnet has also announced the release of the ninth season of the singing reality show, 'I Can See Your Voice'. The original Korean show was exported to 23 regions around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, France, and Thailand. With that, Mnet has also announced a new season of their dance-based variety show, ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

In the upcoming season titled, ‘Street Man Fighter’, Mnet promises K-pop male dance crews who will compete for the winning title in the 2022 version. In its first season, 'Street Woman Fighter’ was a dance-based survival show among K-pop female dance crews. With singing and dance covered, there is only one area of K-pop left that Mnet could not miss.

In the year 2022, Mnet also announced the renewal of their rap-based reality show, ‘Show Me The Money’ which will be renewed for its 10th season. Along with these new seasons of existing variety shows, Mnet has also announced the release of two new variety shows, ‘TMI Show’, a talk show that talks about the top K-pop groups on charts as well as an online gaming based variety show, ‘Artistock Game’ (working title) among others to come.

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