Shownu joins Monsta X members from the military to wish Monbebes 'Happy Chuseok'

Shownu’s channel had a pre-enlistment, recorded video of him wishing Monbebes while the other Monsta X members posted a ‘Happy Chuseok’ YouTube video

                            Shownu joins Monsta X members from the military to wish Monbebes 'Happy Chuseok'
Members of Monsta X wish their fans a very happy Chuseok while Shownu joins in with special pre-enlistment video on his channel (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

It is Chuseok season and most idols take to social media to wish their fans on the special holiday. The Korean word for Chuseok is ‘autumn eve,’ which is a major harvest festival. The three-day holiday celebrated in Korea is based on the Lunar calendar and peaks on the full moon night. It is one of the biggest traditional holidays and is celebrated by many idols every year. For the 2021 holiday season, idols like BTS, Stray Kids, NCT, Monsta X, and many more wished their fans on the occasion of Chuseok. 

On September 20, Monsta X greeted their Monbebes as they wished them 'Happy Chuseok' in a video. The current lineup of Monsta X contains five members, namely Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M (Changkyun). But their leader, Shownu has taken a hiatus from his performance career due to his mandatory military enlistment.


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Members of Monsta X wish fans a very happy Chuseok 2021 (@Monsta X/VLive)


'Hope Monbebes' wishes come true'

The video started with Hyungwon beginning the greeting by saying, “The long-awaited national holiday Chuseok has come to your side.” Next Kihyun went on to say, “Chuseok is said to be the most important holiday of the year and the biggest holiday.” Minhyuk then took over and told fans, “You must have had a busy life since the beginning of the year, but it is easy on Chuseok. I hope you have a restful Chuseok.”

Following that, I.M (Changkyun) asked fans, “What comes to your mind when you think of Chuseok?” to which Kihyun replied saying, “Songpyeon” and I.M continued saying, “Make sure to eat songpyeon and make wishes to the moon.” Jooheon ended the video by saying, “We hope that all the wishes of Monbebes come true. We hope you have a prosperous Chinese New Year.”


Shownu wears a hanbok in special video 

Fans were glad but also saddened by the fact that Shownu was missing from the video. To fans’ surprise, Shownu also delivered Chuseok greetings as a surprise while wearing a hanbok. This cheered up fans even though the video was filmed before he enlisted in the military.

Shownu first asked fans how they were doing and said, “Chuseok is almost here. I hope it will be a happy Chuseok by eating a lot of delicious food and making a wish while watching the full moon.” Then he added, “Your health should be the best, so always take care of your health.” With that, he thanked Monbebes and said his goodbye to fans.


Audacy check-in with Monsta X

Wishing everyone a Happy Chuseok, Monsta X is interacting with K-pop fans around the world through active activities both at home and abroad. Soon after the release of their English single ‘One Day’ was released, the group appeared in an interview with Audacy where interviewer Julia asked the members a few questions about their new single.

The first question from the interviewer was if Monsta X members would go on a vacation leaving all activities, where would they go to which Jooheon quickly responded saying, “I would like to go to Monbebe’s house and heart.” The interviewer then asked the members what advice would they like to give to their past selves? To which Kihyun responded saying he would advise himself from the past to, “Just do your best” as they have been doing great. In the next question, members were asked what genre they would like to make music in an experiment with next to which Hyungwon responded saying that he would like to explore the ‘noir’ genre for one of the groups’ concepts. I.M (Changkyun) added saying, “Kinda like dark and sexy.”

The next question was a fan question that asked what their favorite concept was to which Minhyuk responded by saying, “Follow era” was their favorite concept to which other members chimed in saying, “Hanbok” as the song saw the members wearing the modified versions of the Korean traditional outfit. When asked about what their favorite line from their song, ‘One Day’ was, the members responded saying, “They say hindsight’s 20/20.” was their favorite line.

Watch more of the interview here:


Despite not having announced an imminent group comeback, the members have several personal commitments. Minhyuk who is working with Naver Now’s ‘The Boyfriend Show’, Hyungwon and Jooheon who are DJs for the current season of MBC’s Radio ‘Idol Radio Season 2’ and Kihyun and I.M are also featuring on solo projects with Naver Now.

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