Netflix 'Single's Inferno' star FreeZia’s variety show appearance canceled after fake brand scandal

YouTuber FreeZia’s upcoming feature on the MBC variety show ‘The Manager’ has been canceled after her controversy involving the use of fake brands

                            Netflix 'Single's Inferno' star FreeZia’s variety show appearance canceled after fake brand scandal
Korean Influencer FreeZia's appearance on MBC's 'The Manager' has been canceled after her controversy involving fake brands (@dear.zia/Instagram)

The variety show that was her shot to fame has turned into her subsequent downfall. Fans of the Korean entertainment industry know how sensitive the Korean culture and its fans are when it comes to the behavior of celebrities. After starring in the Netflix dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’, YouTuber FreeZia (also known as Song Ji-ah) shot to fame in no time due to her charming looks as well as her unmatched beauty and style.

FreeZia's appearance on the show led to the influencer bagging more and more reality show gigs and the last shot being on the long-running show ‘Knowing Bros’ as well the variety show ‘The Manger’ (aka ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’). Soon after the show ‘Single’s Inferno’ (also called Solo Hell) aired, FreeZia started attracting a lot of negative attention to herself as brands and fans accused her of wearing first copies of branded outfits.


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FreeZia's appearance on 'The Manager' canceled

The controversy blew way out of proportion as she was soon dropped out of many of her upcoming projects so as to not draw any more negative attention from fans. After the controversy first broke out, JTBC shows ‘Knowing Bros’ and MBC's ‘The Manager’ both announced from their official social media platforms that they would broadcast FreeZia’s appearance on their shows despite the controversy surrounding her as they had already shot episodes featuring the influencer.

Expecting the controversy to die down by the time the broadcast approached, the makers of the aforementioned shows announced that they were willing to broadcast episodes with FreeZia. However, due to the global popularity of the Netflix show as well as many new fans learning about the issue, the controversy involving Influencer FreeZia using fake versions of big brands is intensifying further than initially expected.


JTBC releases their official statement

This led the makers of the show MBC to finally issue an official statement on January 20 stating that they will not be broadcasting episodes featuring the model after all. In an official statement, MBC representatives stated, “We decided not to broadcast the filming of Song Ji-ah (FreeZia) after mutual discussion with the cast.” They also added that with this omission of Song Ji-ah from the MBC variety show ‘The Manager’, they aim to show a better image to their viewers who support the Korean variety program.

After FreeZia was caught up in suspicions that some of the luxury clothing and jewelry she wore on Netflix's original ‘Single’s Inferno’ as well her social media were dupes, she was under a lot of fire online. The influence later acknowledged her fault by posting her handwritten apology via her Instagram.


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