Monsta X announces November comeback, shocked Monbebes 'prepare for 2 albums'

Monsta X announces a November 2021 comeback that will precede their all-English December release making fans scream double trouble

                            Monsta X announces November comeback, shocked Monbebes 'prepare for 2 albums'
Monsta X for their last English single titled 'One Day' (Starship Entertainment)

With the leader of the group, Shownu now enlisted in the military, the five members of Monsta X have taken it upon themselves to continue to provide fans with more content than they could ask for, thus leaving them shocked and surprised. On September 1, they released their all-English single, ‘One Day’, which marked their first release as five members although Shownu was present in most aspects of the release even after being in the military.

Now, Monsta X is going to make a comeback five months after the release of their last mini-album, ‘One of a Kind’ that came out in June 2021. On October 18, Monsta X announced the release of their upcoming domestic comeback that will be their first release after Shownu’s enlistment in the military.


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Monsta X prepare for a comeback

Monsta X’s agency, Starship Entertainment announced that the group is preparing for its domestic comeback at the end of November. As more details about the upcoming release are yet to be announced, fans expect all six members to be part of the album. This release will mark their first of two upcoming releases in 2021. The group had also initially announced the release of their English album that comes out in December 2021.

Before Shownu left for his mandatory enlistment, members of the group reassured the fans that even if their leader was not able to promote their activities online, Shownu would be a part of many future releases as he has pre-recorded a lot of activities for the fans to be looking forward to.


Monsta X continue solo projects

Even before the release of their November and December 2021 projects, the K-pop group Monsta X is booked and busy as they are keeping their fans occupied with their activities going on even at the time of their current hiatus. The members of the group also have a lot of solo projects going on for themselves while the group is also set on to participate in the 'Jingle Ball' tour hosted by the famous US radio station iHeartRadio in December this year.

Monsta X has been doing pretty great over the last few months as they entered the Billboard 'Pop Airplay Chart' for the third time with their latest single 'One Day'. The chart ranks the top 40 songs in the pop genre by counting the weekly broadcasts of about 160 major radio stations in the United States. Monsta X is one of the K-pop groups that has consistently ranked on this chart, proving their global dominance.

In addition, the title song of the last album 'One of a Kind' and 'Gambler' produced by Jooheon was also nominated for the Best K-Pop category of the '2021 MTV VMA', while the song also appeared on Billboard World Digital Song Sales making a name for him globally.


‘The Monstas are booked and busy’

Fans were shocked but also excited by the announcement. One fan said, “We have to prepare for 2 albums!! Korean comeback in November and the English Album in December. The Monstas are booked and busy. This is me trynna get some coins for the comeback” Another fan said, “MONSTA X Korean Comeback on November. Monbebe: WHAT?!”

One fan said, “After heard MONSTA X's comeback in November.” One fan manifested a lot of money by saying, “Since Monsta X korean comeback by the end of November let me bring back also this iconic meme for monbebes intensify manifesting.” One shocked fan said, “WHATTTTTT MONSTA X COMEBACK IN NOVEMBER WHATTTTT.”












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