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‘Girls Planet 999’: How long will Kep1er be active? Fans excited for debut group

'They all look pretty but why is the group name kep1er??' tweeted one fan
UPDATED OCT 23, 2021
'Girls Planet 999' ends with Kep1er group being formed (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter, Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)
'Girls Planet 999' ends with Kep1er group being formed (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter, Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

‘Girls Planet 999’ just might be the most ambitious survival show of K-pop yet. The latest Mnet show began in August with 99 participants from South Korea, Japan, and China out of which nine girls would get to debut as part of a girl group. ‘With over 115 countries voting and millions of viewers tuning in worldwide, the girl group is bound to be successful from the get-go. Well, with the finale episode on October 22, the final 9 girls to debut and the group’s name were revealed.

Called Kep1er, the girl group is a project group that has signed a 2-year and 6-month contract with CJ ENM. The lineup includes China’s Xiaoting, Japan’s Mashiro and Hikaru, South Korea’s Yeseo, Youngeun, Dayeon, Yujin, Bahiyyih and Chaehyun. But with 99 girls participating over four months, there are bound to be some heartbreaks as some viewers’ picks did not get to debut in Kep1er. ‘Girls Planet 999’ and Kep1er have been trending since the finale ended with some celebrating while others berating Mnet.

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Xiaoting, Mashiro, Hikaru, Yeseo, Youngeun, Dayeon, Yujin, Bahiyyih and Chaehyun debut in Kep1er (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

‘Looking forward for your journey’

Fans made tweets like, “INTRODUCING THE NEW GIRL GROUP THAT WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD, KEP1ER.” They also had a lot to say about the group name, “They all look pretty but why is the group name kep1er??” A Yujin fan posted, “Her happiness is everything that matters to me. seeing this smile makes all the efforts worth it.” Another commented, “Congrats for #1 Chaehyun! She was once asked on how she felt about her friends debuting already, she said that "I felt a fire inside me" to debut. Today she not only debut but is CENTER & proved those 6 years of training weren't wasted. Looking forward for your journey.” One shared, “Kep1er's visual prodigy, kang yeseo made it !!”






One fan tweeted, “KIM DAYEON AND SHEN XIAOTING, OUR SHINE CENTERS !!” A Youngeun fan added, “Who's the all-rounder that gp999 final group needs?” Another said, “#BAHIYYIH, the girl who has often without screen-time, no praised from mentors even though she did great on her performances, who never once got to top 9, the most hated & one of the most mistreated on the show, is now debuting as P02 of #KEP1ER! YES, HUENING BAHIYYIH DID THAT!” One shared, “Seeing dayeon’s bright smile is the most rewarding feeling ever.” Another teared up over Mashiro and Hikaru hugging, “Them   them   Them   themmmm.”






‘You’ve worked hard’

Some fans also tweeted their disappointment, “Me after still watching gp999 even though i knew I'd be mad at mnet in the end.” For the high-ranking Japanese participants that didn’t make it, one fan shared, “CAN YURINA, SHANA & KOTONE PLEASE DEBUT IN ONE TEAM.” Another made a meme about the group name, “Yeo jingoo: so the group name is KEP1ER me:.” One fan pointed out how Xiaoting and Yurina were always on top only for Yurina to be eliminated, “Xiaorina ranking #1 and #2 during the whole show for them to fight over the p09 that's ridiculous.”





Another added, “To the main vocalist we could ever had, you've worked hard! i'll keep supporting you, kim bora.” One shared, “Wen zhe u made me cry so much T_T.” Another posted, “Myah, i will wait for you! i'm so proud of you our baby monster :(.” Fans also had a lot to say after the group’s contract period was revealed, “What? kep1er’s contract will only last for 2 years and 6 months? okay another heartbreak.” Another fan joked, “Me, a casting manager from a big company calling Cai Bing, Fu Yaning, Su Ruiqi, Kim Suyeon, Guinn Myah to form new girl group as soon as the show ends.”