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‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 12 Recap: The final mission and winners to debut in Kep1er

Mnet's survival show ends with the winners debuting in the girl group Kep1er
UPDATED OCT 23, 2021
Episode 12 announces the 9 winners (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)
Episode 12 announces the 9 winners (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ last episode began with a live performance of the finalists dancing to ‘O.O.O’ while the eliminated participants and the mentors made up the audience. The 12th and final episode decided the winners who will be a part of the lineup of the debut group. The final mission was called the Completion Mission. Before the mission, Jin-goo announced that either Xiaoting or Hikaru was in the interim #9 position that would change through live voting.

For the Completion Mission, the girls would be divided into teams of 9 and perform ‘Shine’. Team 1 would perform verse 1 and Team 2 would perform verse 2. Both teams would perform the last part together but only one team would get to end the song. The killing parts and the ending part are the most impactful. The team that gets the ending part was to be decided by the mentors. The girls got to decide which team they wanted to be in.

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Myah is kicked out from Team 1 (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

The teams for Completion Mission

If more than nine people chose one team, the one with the lowest rank would have to change. Once the girls entered the practice room they couldn’t change. No one changed till Shana. She and Hikaru checked out both teams and picked Team 2. Xiaoting was the last one and she picked Team 1, which led to Myah getting kicked out as she was the lowest-ranked. The youngest participant ended up with Team 2.

Team 2 practises in detail (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

Debut group is named Kep1er

Team 1’s killing part went to Xiaoting. Mashiro ended up with a 2-second part and so she burst into tears. Team 2 went all out as everyone wanted the killing part and the ending. They filmed themselves and then voted on it. Dayeon got the killing part. Jin-goo then announced the debut group’s name. The group would have nine girls and would debut with the name Kep1er.

Hsin Wei leaves a video letter for the finalists (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

Both teams were good during the interim check. The mentors thought Team 2 was better and they got the ending part. After the performance, viewers were asked to vote one last time to select the participant they wanted to debut. The girls were then shown their first audition tapes and a montage of their time on the survival show. They were also shown video letters that the eliminated girls left the finalists.


The finalists reminisce

The finalists also performed ‘Another Dream’ as their last stage together. Jin-goo also had a Q&A with some of the fans and eliminated girls. Yeyoung said that the participant that she missed the most was Dayeon and Suyeon with whom she had done the demo stage. The finalists also had a mini party before the final episode was filmed. They drew each other and had to guess who it was. As they sat down to eat, they talked about their first impressions. Wen Zhe met Su Ruiqi at the airport and joked that they tried to intimidate each other by staring.


Bora also brought up Fu Yaning’s diss at Yujin. The girls shared that they were scared of Yaning but she’s actually sweet. Yujin added that she was surprised that they’re close now. The girls were also impressed with Hikaru’s ‘Boombayah’ stage. Shana and Wen Zhe teased Hikaru for being too detailed during the killing parts in her stage. They were then shown video messages by their parents and ended up crying.

Mashiro, Hikaru, Yeseo, Youngeun, Dayeon and Yujin are ranked from #8 to #3 (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

The girls to be part of the debut group

Jin-goo finally announced the lineup of Kep1er, the debut group. He started from the girl that had ranked #8 and would announce the girl ranked #9 last.

Bahiyyih and Chaehyun are announced as candidates for #1 (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

#8 - Mashiro (J group)
#7 - Hikaru (J group)
#6 - Yeseo (K group)
#5 - Youngeun (K group)
#4 - Dayeon (K group)
#3 - Yujin (K group)
#2 - Bahhiyih (K group)
#1 - Chaehyun (K group)

Xiaoting, Suyeon and Myah are candidates for the last position in the debut group (Mnet K-POP/iQIYI)

The candidates for #9 were Xiaoting, Suyeon, and Myah. #9 and the last girl to make it in Kep1er turned out to be C group’s Xiaoting. Jin-goo pointed out that she had always been in the TOP9 and a candidate for the #1 spot since the beginning. It has also been reported that the members of Kep1er have signed a contract with CJ ENM for 2 years and 6 months. The group might be a project group that will disband after their contract ends like I.O.I and IZ*ONE that were also formed from a survival show.