Mark Tuan 'Last Breath': Release date, music video and about GOT7 star's new single

GOT7's Mark Tuan gets ready for his latest solo single as he drops teasers for 'Last Breath'

                            Mark Tuan 'Last Breath': Release date, music video and about GOT7 star's new single
Fans think that 'Last Breath' is a pre-release single for Mark's upcoming album (@marktuan/Twitter)

Since early 2021, Mark Tuan has been teasing fans with the news of his solo debut album. After he and his GOT7 members left their old agency JYPE, Mark dropped his first English single ‘One In A Million’ on Valentine’s day. 2021 seems to be a year of firsts as he also sang his first OST (original soundtrack) for none other than Marvel’s film ‘Shang-Chi’. He was also spotted filming for a music video as the release date of his album draws closer. He mentioned that he wanted the album to be about his experience over the last 10 years and making it relatable.

Mark Tuan first worried fans by deleting all of his Instagram posts and adding a cryptic post that said “I’m trying my best can’t you tell?” Turns out it is the lyrics of his upcoming single ‘Last Breath’. He had warned his GOT7 members in advance and so Ahgases (their fandom) were the only ones scared till Mark’s father assured them that nothing was amiss. The K-pop idol then revealed that the Instagram move was, in fact, a strategy to announce his pre-release single for his much-awaited debut album. He had also teased that he had made enough songs to plan a tour, which has fans excited for his album.

GOT7's Mark Tuan adds worrying Insta Story and deletes posts, fans hope it’s for album

'Last Breath': GOT7's Mark Tuan announces solo single after deleting Instagram posts


Release date

Mark Tuan’s ‘Last Breath’ will be released on November 12 at 12 am EST.

Where to listen

The single will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Melon and more. One can pre-save the single here.

Mark Tuan for 'Last Breath' (@marktuan/Twitter)


Filmed in the LA desert, Mark’s single might be quite angsty as hinted from his concept photos. He is first seen submerged in a bathtub in a suit and then sitting in an empty diner as he desolately stares at the camera. Giving off a retro vibe, the next set of concept photos show him leaving a vintage red car at a gas station and walking a deserted path in a tank top.

Music video teasers

Mark Tuan released two music video teasers for ‘Last Breath’. In the first teaser, he sees a different side of him in the mirror and ends up punching his reflection. Then dressed in a suit, Mark enters an abandoned room and picks up a painting lying on the floor as soft synths play in the back.

Watch the two teasers below:



With less than a week left for ‘Last Breath’, Ahgases are excited for the single. One fan tweeted, "Boyfriend Material". Another shared, “There’s something about this look…”, while another Ahgase commented, “Mark tuan in tank top supremacy.” Another pointed out the parallel between the teaser and Mark leaving his Korean apartment to move back to LA, “I don't know why it reminded of…” And in true Bambam fashion, the GOT7 member showed his support by making a meme of Mark punching their leader Jay B, "Yes Mark!!!! beat him up!!!"