'Last Breath': GOT7's Mark Tuan announces solo single after deleting Instagram posts

While fans were worried after GOT7's Mark posted a cryptic Instagram story, it is actually the lyrics of his latest single

                            'Last Breath': GOT7's Mark Tuan announces solo single after deleting Instagram posts
Mark Tuan drops teasers for his upcoming single (@marktuan/Twitter)

Don’t fret Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom), Mark Tuan’s latest Instagram move was nothing to worry about. On October 19, the GOT7 star deleted all of his Instagram posts and added a story that said, “I’m trying my best can’t you tell?” Fans were surprised and hoped that nothing serious had happened with the K-pop idol and that it was for his next single. After a few hours of being MIA, Mark’s father tweeted a hilarious response to the story which relieved fans. And it looks like the K-pop idol is ‘pulling a Taylor Swift’ by deleting his Instagram to announce a new chapter in his career.

In fact, it was reported that Mark had been working on his solo debut album for quite some time. He had also been seen filming for a music video. And after the GOT7 idol’s stint at the Paris Fashion Week, he informed fans that he had a pre-release single for fans and that the date was set for the release. To announce this single, he decided to wipe his Instagram. A lot of artists like Taylor Swift and in fact, his group member Yugyeom have done this in the past. Well, it looks like we are getting ‘Last Breath’ from Mark Tuan.

GOT7's Mark Tuan adds worrying Insta Story and deletes posts, fans hope it’s for album

GOT7 Mark Tuan sparks solo album rumor with modelling photo, Ahgases call him 'God's favorite'


Mark Tuan set to drop solo single ‘Last Breath’

On October 22, Mark Tuan uploaded a new profile picture and a teaser for his upcoming single on Instagram and Twitter. Titled ‘Last Breath’, the single is set to be released on November 12. Some fans have also noticed the call back to GOT7, as the group’s last album which was released in November 2020 was titled ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’. The album had tracks made by the members themselves like Mark’s ‘Born Ready’. And Ahgases are excited to finally get more music that is tinged with his style.

Mark Tuan's new profile photo (@marktuan/Twitter)


Tuan's solo songs tend to lean on the side of R&B and from the teasers, we can hint that it is definitely going to be angsty. Other than the alarming Instagram story which now fans conclude might be the lyrics for ‘Last Breath’, Mark has spoiled the concept of the song with the teaser images that he released. In one, we see that he is completely submerged in water. In another teaser, he seems to be lying listlessly on top of a car. He is also seen in a dimly lit diner, with the only source of light being a couple of sun rays falling on him as he stares intently at the camera.

'MT1 is coming'

Fans are excited as they have been trending Mark Tuan on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Everything looks so good already.” Dubbing Mark's solo as 'MT1', another Ahgase shared, “MT1 IS COMING.” One shared, “Mark tuan last breath     got7 last piece.” Another posted, “I think i’ve seen this film before... AND THE COMEBACK WAS AMAZING. Mark Taylor.”





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