GOT7's Mark Tuan adds worrying Insta Story and deletes posts, fans hope it’s for album

Mark Tuan was set to release his solo debut album soon

                            GOT7's Mark Tuan adds worrying Insta Story and deletes posts, fans hope it’s for album
Mark worries fans by deleting his Instagram posts (Dispatch/Naver)

GOT7’s Mark Tuan has lately been in the news for turning heads at the Paris Fashion Week. From attending several fashion shows in iconic outfits that could only rival the models’, fans and locals have been going gaga over him. Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) have also been patiently waiting for him to drop his solo debut album which he has been working on. But after fans noticed his Instagram on October 19, they are worried.

On October 19, Mark Tuan deleted or archived all of his posts on Instagram and changed his display icon to a black circle. On top of that, he added an Instagram Story that simply says, “I’m trying my best can’t you tell?” Some fans are worried that the GOT7 member has been facing something serious. They have been flocking to his Twitter account to send him supportive messages. It should be noted that Mark has been subject to several stalkers, harassing him and his family in the past.


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Mark posts a worrying Instagram Story (@marktuan/Twitter)

GOT7's Mark Tuan deletes Instagram posts

However, some fans are trying to stay positive and are hoping that it is some sort of spoiler or announcement for his upcoming solo debut album. When starting a fresh chapter, K-pop idols, or many artists in general clear their social media to announce their next project. We have had idols like GOT7’s Yugyeom and Wonho delete or archive all of their Instagram posts before announcing their solo albums. And so, Ahgases hope that the Instagram Story that Mark added is the lyrics of his new song. 

A few weeks ago, Mark's photos hinted at him filming for the music video of his debut album. He also went live and said that he had a lot of songs ready that he wanted to show his fans. He had spoiled some by playing them and teased that he had enough songs to have a whole tour. He had also been trending on October 14 as he tweeted, “Date set.” Ahgases think that he was referring to the release date of his album. We might also be getting a pre-released single as he had also tweeted that he was finishing up a single after attending Paris Fashion Week.


'We're always here for you'

Mark Tuan has been trending as worried fans have been making tweets like, “IS IT A PART OF THE LYRICS OR WHAT? MARK TUAN TELL US NOW????!!!!!” “WHO HURT MARK TUAN?!?!?!” and “I love you @marktuan we’re all waiting for your upcoming songs, we recognize your efforts in making them, we got your back always.” Ahgases have also been sending supportive messages like, “I just know you'll do great Mark!!” and “We don't know what's happening but we know you're doing the best, @marktuan . we're always here for you and pls don't let other people ruin your happiness.” Another fan wished, “Please tell me mark tuan's only changing his pfp and ig feed and updating us with this in his ig story only cause he's about to drop something….”







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