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GOT7 Mark Tuan sparks solo album rumor with modelling photo, Ahgases call him 'God's favorite'

Set to release his solo album soon, fans wonder whether Mark's newest photo is a spoiler
Fans believe Mark is set to release an album soon (@marktuan/Instagram)
Fans believe Mark is set to release an album soon (@marktuan/Instagram)

With GOT7 members deciding to focus on their individual careers for the year of 2021, fans are ready to support and hype up each member. We quite recently had Jackson and Jinyoung releasing their singles ‘Drive You Home’ and ‘Dive’ on the same day that had Ahgases going crazy. There’s also news of GOT7’s leader, Jay B, releasing his solo album soon. However, the oldest member, Mark Tuan, was the first to drop new music after GOT7 left their old company, JYP Entertainment.

Collaborating with producer Sanjoy, Mark dropped his English single ‘One In A Million’ on February 14, 2021 as a Valentine’s Day gift to Ahgases. But that's all we have from him musically. Mark has moved back in with his family in LA and is spending time with them while also modelling for brands and magazines in between. The GOT7 idol also opened a YouTube channel that got 1 million subscribers in a day without any content. He also has several clothing collections and partnered up with Represent for his newest clothing line XC3, which is all sold out. And his latest photo is sparking comeback rumors.

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Mark Tuan’s latest photo

LA-based photographer and art director Amy Lee dropped a photograph of Mark on her Instagram hours ago. In the photo, he is shirtless except for a red thread around his neck and head as he smoulders in front of the camera. Ahgases were pleasantly surprised as they took to Twitter to talk about how good he looked. But some fans went the extra mile to connect some dots since they've been eager for new music from Mark. Two days ago, to celebrate 11 million Instagram followers, he posted a spoiler about his upcoming project.

He posted a screenshot of an audio file titled ‘MASTER REF 1’ and stated that this is all he could post regarding his next release. So, with that screenshot in mind, fans believe that Mark may have been shooting concept photos for his new album with Lee. Well, whether he’s just modelling for the photographer or shooting for his next project, fans loved the photo. 

Mark did give a little hint as to what to expect from his solo album while talking to Paper magazine. Wanting to make it personal, he explained that he would try to put the last 10 years of his life in the album the best way that he can. He also said that the music would be relatable whether for the listener themselves or their family and loved ones.

'Power of Mark Tuan'

With over 40k tweets worldwide over one photograph at the moment, fans were surprised with themselves. When the photo was first released, one fan tweeted, “10K TWEETS FOR THIS MARK TUAN???? THAT FAST???? DANG THE POWER HIS COLLARBONE AND VISUAL HOLD.” Another tweeted, “Mark tuan don’t play with my heart.” One tweeted, “I have this gut feeling that MT1 will be released sooner than expected. Oh boy. We need to buckle up MARK TUAN IS COMING!” Another pointed out where they’d seen such a photo before, “Mark Tuan Love Loop sexy version.” One tweeted, “The face of God’s favourite.” Another tweeted, “The power of Mark Tuan? Mark Tuan himself and just a wire/string over him makes everyone go wild.” One tweeted, “Another day of ahgases swerving lanes cuz MARK TUAN.”