GOT7's Mark Tuan songs to listen to on his birthday while we wait for his solo album

From the iconic solo 'One In A Million' to the seductive 'Why' with Jay B, here are seven solo and sub-unit songs by Mark to celebrate his birthday

                            GOT7's Mark Tuan songs to listen to on his birthday while we wait for his solo album
Fans celebrate Mark Tuan's birthday on September 4 (@GOT7Official/Twitter)

As reiterated time and again, 2021 is GOT7's year and each and every member seems to be thriving. From a whopping 52 magazine features and covers and counting to successful solo debuts from Bambam, Yugyeom and Jay B, the boys have been busy. And what better way to celebrate Mark Tuan's birthday month than to have the birthday boy drop his solo debut album.

The eldest GOT7 member tugged Ahgases' heart by finally reuniting with his family and moving back to LA after living in South Korea while under their old agency, JYPE. Fans couldn't help but notice him enjoying himself, unleashing his gamer self, opening a YouTube channel, modelling for photographers and brands like Celine in GQ and landing Marvel OSTs. He also revealed last month that he was shooting for his solo music video and fans hope that he releases it in September as his birthday is on September 4. But while this will be his first solo album, he's had several solo and sub-unit singles in the past.

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7 Mark Tuan solo and sub-unit songs

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Mark mentioned that he would like to incorporate his experiences from his trainee days to who he is now and make it relatable for the listener and/or for their loved ones. And from the solo and sub-unit songs he's released till now, he has a very distinctive R&B sound which is why we can't wait to see how his solo debut album will turn out. Well, here are seven Mark Tuan songs to listen to while we wait for his solo debut album.

Outta My Head
Outta My Head’ is Mark’s first digital solo song in Chinese that was released in January 2020. The idol wows with his deep voice in this electro-pop song about love. We were also regaled with a music video which is a montage of his time during a Chinese fan meeting and concert.



Never Told You
'Never Told You' was released a few months later in March 2020. Quite different from the dance-pop ‘Outta My Head’, Mark takes it easy with ‘Never Told You’. A soothing ballad, he thanks his fans and his loved ones for always staying by his side because of which he has been able to overcome every challenge and obstacle thrown his way.



One In A Million
'One In A Million' was the perfect Valentine’s day gift for fans, released on February 14, 2021. It was the first song a GOT7 member dropped after they left their old agency JYPE. Collaborating with Sanjoy Deb, ‘One In A Million’ is an R&B track with hip-hop sounds and heavy bass as Mark shows off his vocals as well as his rap. He also dropped a cute animated music video as he sings about Ahgases being his only source of motivation and inspiration.



Never Gonna Come Down 
'Never Gonna Come Down' is Mark’s first OST and happens to be for the latest Marvel film ‘Shang-Chi’. It also features rapper and singer Bibi. Fans loved how well their voices blended together as they sing about falling in love without realizing that the other returns their feelings. The track also topped the iTunes Songs chart in 13 countries and the iTunes Soundtrack chart in 16 countries within 24 hours of its release and was #38 on the Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart.



Cold’ is a unit song with Bambam released on their third Japanese mini-album ‘I Won’t Let You Go’. Made by Bambam, it has his signature sound of heavy synth samplers, echoes and autotunes perfect for a hip-hop song. Fans love the rave atmosphere it generates especially during the dance break in the bridge that the boys added in their concert.



'OMW' is Mark’s track in GOT7's ‘Present: YOU’ made by him and Jackson. It also happens to be his first Korean solo song. We also get a feature from Jackson and his distinct raspy voice meshes well with Mark’s deep and husky verse. Mark also dropped a trippy music video for the inspirational track as he emphatically sings that he will do whatever it takes to achieve his dream.



'Why' is a sub-unit song with Jay B for the Japanese album ‘Turn Up’ and was performed during their Japan Tour ‘Turn Up’. It is a seductive R&B song that suits the two members' style very well as they sing about still having feelings for an ex and wondering “Why?” Made by Jay B, fans loved the vibe of the song and have been hoping for this sub-unit to return. While that may not be possible at the moment, we might get a similar genre in Mark's album.



With such an extensive discography spanning over seven years, Mark has also made some amazing songs for GOT7 like 'Born Ready', 'Think About It' and 'No Jam' in collaboration with other members and music producers.

‘It’s Mark Day’

Ahgases also trended Mark Tuan as the birthday boy came live on Weibo to thank fans for celebrating it with him. They tweeted posts like, “Nahh but our bday boy is so freaking fresh,” and “You're my honey bunny sugarplum pumpy-umpy-umpkin you're my sweetiepie." They also made video edits for him, “#Marktuan is a dream,” “#MarkTuan: always and forever,” and “#MARK : STFU ITS MARK DAY!”






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