Jackson's interaction with teary-eyed Bambam leaves fans trending 'GOT7 Forever'

Jackson's interaction with teary-eyed Bambam leaves fans trending 'GOT7 Forever'
Jackson comments on Bambam's post after his emotional solo concert (@bambam1a/Instagram, TTM LIVE)

It seems to be true that no one misses GOT7 more than GOT7. While the K-pop group has not disbanded, for the year 2021, the members have been focusing on their individual careers. The maknae (youngest) line, Bambam and Yugyeom were the first to have their solo debuts while Youngjae was the latest member to debut solo with ‘COLORS from Ars’. Meanwhile, Jackson Wang is promoting his project group PANTHEPACK in China while Mark Tuan is working on his solo in LA.

But the members have lived and trained together for 10 years. This is why the sudden space is foreign to them as we have all of the members constantly talking about each other even while promoting and working on their individual projects. We got the latest GOT7 crumbs during Bambam’s first solo concert for ‘riBBon’. During a Q&A, the MC showed him a VCR of GOT7 and Ahgases (the fandom) which ended with Bambam tearing up as he missed his members, fans and family. He also performed the song ‘Under The Sky’ that he wrote for his members.

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Jackson says he misses Bambam

Bambam added that the VCR would give him strength during tough times. And under his Instagram post for the live show, Jackson commented, “I miss you too Bam-ah, let’s have a drink on video call NONG BAM.” And on Jackson’s latest Instagram post about his PANTHEPACK last tour stop, Bambam commented, “Hey man! I saw your comment! Thanks brother i’ll facetime u come back quickly!!” Yugyeom had previously mentioned that Jackson had asked GOT7 to have a drink together through a video call at 5 AM.


'We love you GOT7'

Fans have been trending #GOT7Forever as they too miss GOT7. One Ahgase tweeted, “During jaebeom’s solo fanmeeting he felt like crying because he is overwhelmed by our love & support to him. Bambam cried during his as well because he misses his members & family. We don’t deserve GOT7  they’re so pure, kind, and always appreciate us.” Another commented, “We’ll wait for the day we can meet GOT7” GOT7 jjai! I will be right here waiting for you.”

One shared, “When i saw @BamBam1A crying i was crying too..  he miss his family and Got7 we feel you bam. Ahgase really miss GOT7 together and hope in the future we can reunited again..  Hope next year  you can travel around the world  we love you.” Another fan posted, “I cant put into words how much this video hurts. seeing bam cry HURTS. i know they miss eachother more than ever. they’ve been together since they were young. we love u got7.”






One fan said, “Bambam who rarely cries in front of the camera because he only want to spread positivity. Bambam who is kind & respectful to everyone, a man who always make us happy & deserves all the love & support. We’re so proud of you bam, we’re always here for you.” Another tweeted, “The first time we saw bambam cry was with got7 on eoy tour and now the 2nd time he’s alone :(.” Another shared the song he had written for GOT7, “The fact that bambam wrote this song thinking about his members is making my heart hurt even more.” One added, “The day that they are back together will be such an emotional day for them! They have been apart from each other for almost a year. It will surely be a day that will go down in history & we will be crying with them.”





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