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'Love Match Atlanta': Fans 'love' Shae's humility in honoring other matchmakers

Fans applaud Shae Primus for her humility as she discloses why she sought aid from The Matchmaking Duo
(L-R) Tana Gilmore, Kelli Fisher, and Shae Primus in 'Love Match Atlanta' (BravoTV)
(L-R) Tana Gilmore, Kelli Fisher, and Shae Primus in 'Love Match Atlanta' (BravoTV)

After battling self-doubt and others who questioned her for being single as a matchmaker, Shae Primus, CEO of the Middle-Class Matchmaker, seeks help from a competitor, The Matchmaking Duo. Shae shares openly about her decision to seek her competition for assistance in a really sweet moment.

Shae Primus, a professional matchmaker and single mother of two, has been one of the most popular cast members on Bravo's new reality show 'Love Match Atlanta.' As the show's viewers refer to her as the "least problematic," she also wins hearts with her thoughts on fellow castmates and business rivals, The Matchmaking Duo, and her reason for approaching them for help. Shae has been questioned about her relationship status since the show's premiere. Despite her best efforts, the reality of not being "matched" as a matchmaker plants seeds of doubt in her mind. Shae seems to be seeking genuine and healthy love for her family after her separation from her daughter's father.


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'Love Match Atlanta': Kelli and Tana debate on whether to take Shae as a client

(L-R) Kelli Fisher, Tana Gilmore and Shae Primus in 'Love Match Atlanta'

Coming out of an eight-year relationship has been difficult for Shae. She tells her mother about her struggles and lashes out at an old acquaintance and yet another business adversary, Joseph Dixon, for exposing her failed relationship in front of her client. In the most recent episode, she is also shown going to the gym to get in better form, both physically and psychologically. She recounts how she fell into depression before leaving her most recent relationship. As she strives to find love while still helping others find love, she seeks the assistance of Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore, co-owners of The Matchmaking Duo.

As Tana and Kelli argue whether to accept Shae as a client in The Matchmaking Duo's office, Shae explains her decision to approach them in a confessional. She explains, "As a professional matchmaker, it makes sense to me to go to another professional matchmaker to match me. A lawyer doesn't represent himself, a therapist doesn't give himself therapy.. So yeah, I am going to another matchmaker to match me." Since Kelli is hesitant to take on Shae as a client, she questions why she has come to The Matchmaking Duo for assistance, even though she is a professional matchmaker herself. Shae confesses, "I look up to both of you as my big sisters in the matchmaking industry. Like I said, when I came to the institute, y'all were giving conferences and teaching about matchmaking... so you know... if I'm gonna choose anybody, it will be y'all."

Shae publicly admiring and recognizing her business competitor has struck a chord with the viewers. People have flocked to social media to commend Shae for her modesty and the idea of matchmakers assisting one another.  One of the fans of the show wrote on Twitter while tagging the matchmakers: "Yes @MCMatchmaker! Give honor where it is due. The @MatchmakingDUO have proven themselves to you. Shae, I love your humility, it is a demonstration of how strong you truly are! It is your time for love! #LoveMatchAtlanta #DilosaTime


Another fan remarked that the thought of matchmakers matching each other was interesting: "Matchmakers matching a matchmaker sounds interesting. #LoveMatchAtlanta"


While, another tweeted: "Love that Shae is open to getting matchmakers’ advice even as a matchmaker herself @BravoTV #lovematchatlanta"


One viewer applauded Shae for approaching The Matchmaking Duo and finding the man of her dreams: "I see Shae going to the Matcmaker Duo to set her up for a date, she’s looking for a man! Ok! Go for it! #LoveMatchAtlanta"


A viewer of the show couldn't help but grow weak at Shae's statement that she is searching for a partner who will set a good example for her young daughter, Ava: "The fact that @MCMatchmaker was so vulnerable and then mentioned the life she wanted for little Ava, I was sold. Let's find her a man! #lovematchatlanta"


Tana Gilmore, one of The Matchmaking Duo's owners, also tweeted inviting Shae on board as a client during the episode's live broadcast: "Come to the best @lprimus we’ll take care you like our sister #LoveMatchAtlanta"


However, one viewer seemed to share Tana's earlier concerns about Shae trying to snoop on their business practices: "How do they know Shae is not infiltrating? Just a thought but I do look forward to the matches they find for her #lovematchatlanta"


Every Sunday at 9 pm, new episodes of 'Love Match Atlanta' air on Bravo.

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