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'Love Match Atlanta': At Joseph Dixon's Mixer Event, dispute over matchmaking school continues

The Matchmaking Duo were fast to announce the launch of their 'Love Pro University' as Joseph Dixon attempted to unveil his matchmaking school
Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)
Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)

'Love Match Atlanta' began last week, with five of Atlanta's greatest Black Matchmakers handling both their demanding clients and their complicated friendship. Viewers could conclude at the end of the season premiere that the matchmakers are not here to make friends!

The Matchmaking Duo, who were new to Atlanta, had big intentions to take over the city, but were caught by surprise when their old friend and matchmaking nemesis, Joseph, allegedly stole another one of their business concepts. Tana Gilmore and Kelli Fisher, co-owners of the Matchmaking Duo, had a run-in with Real Black Love owner Joseph Dixon eight years ago. The meeting ended on a negative note, with The Matchmaking Duo accusing Joseph Dixon of duping them. They claim that they proposed a new business proposal to Joseph, who turned it down, only to later use and run it on his own. This backstabbing behavior angered the Matchmaking Duo, and they have been wary of Joseph ever since.


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Joseph Dixon and girlfriend/business partner, Paris in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)

The season debut was all about the Matchmaking Duo trying to gain their footing in Atlanta with their new initiative, 'Love Pro University',  Because they were now in the same territory as Joseph, they were especially cautious about keeping their project a secret. This didn't last long because they quickly discovered that their adversary was planning something similar. When the Matchmaking Duo was invited to Joseph's "Mixer Event," they had no idea that another of their concepts would be stolen. Joseph and his girlfriend/business partner, Paris, announced the launch of their matchmaking school at the event. The school has the same concept as 'Love Pro University' in terms of operating as a certification authority for coaches and professional matchmakers.

The Matchmaking Duo claimed to have spent the last two years developing a curriculum for their university. They had a meeting with Joseph about collaborating eight years ago, but he stole their idea instead and became a matchmaker. After so many years, he is opening an academy that they believe was the first to come up with and inviting them to present it in front of them, all of this has become too much for them to take. The Matchmaking Duo quickly took center stage as Joseph and Paris concluded their announcement to herald the beginning of their university. This caused quite a stir during the event, with even Shae's matchmaker pal, Lamont, referring to it as a "circus." An enraged Joseph and Paris confronted The Matchmaking Duo about their behavior, resulting in a massive confrontation. To avoid any escalation, Paris requests that everyone leave the event.

What is 'Love Pro University' all about?

At the outset of the debut episode, the Matchmaker Duo were seen discussing a new concept with their team, a matchmaking school. The academy is for people who are passionate about love and want to help others find it. The purpose of "Love Pro University" is to certify relationship coaches and professional matchmakers. The Matchmaking Duo wants to assist anyone interested in becoming a Date Coach or a Certified Matchmaker and succeeding in their careers! The programme is designed in the same way that matchmakers Kelli and Tana would do day coaching. The online university is already operational on The Matchmaking Duo's official website.

The Matchmaking Duo in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)

Every Sunday at 9 pm, new episodes of 'Love Match Atlanta' air on Bravo.