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'Love Match Atlanta': Here's why viewers are conflicted about Bravo's newest reality show

There were some strong opinions regarding how much each of the matchmakers on the show charged
(L-R) Joseph Dixon, Ming Clark, Tana Gilmore, and Kelli Fisher in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)
(L-R) Joseph Dixon, Ming Clark, Tana Gilmore, and Kelli Fisher in 'Love Match Atlanta' (Bravo)

Bravo's newest series 'Love Match Atlanta' will take viewers behind the scenes into the lives of some of Atlanta's greatest matchmakers. The show depicts their daily lives, both on and off the job. The season debut aired on Sunday, May 8 at 9 pm, with an introduction to all the show's matchmakers.

The show's matchmakers are tasked with finding love for some of Atlanta's most famous bachelors and bachelorettes. Each matchmaker must get clients and outwork its competitors. Even though they are all competitors on a professional level, they are all friends in their personal life. Viewers will be able to observe how this relationship works for each of them as they help their clients better their romantic life.


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With the world slowly returning to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic and the dating scene hotter than ever, it's more important than ever to go out there and make sure your dating app profile is in top shape. Shae Primus and her crew are pitted against Joseph Dixon as the matching business in Atlanta becomes more competitive. Aside from the competition, there are some old grudges to settle, so it should be entertaining to watch. "Celebrating the business of Black love," the show follows Ming Clark, Tana Gilmore, Kelli Fisher, Joseph Dixon, and Shae Primus, five of Atlanta's finest matchmakers. In Atlanta, the rivalry is tight as they all battle for tens of thousands of dollars and the opportunity to help high-profile clients find love.

In the first episode, titled "Meet the Matchmakers," the matchmakers had to deal with difficult clientele as well as their own complicated relationships. Ming worries if she should stay dealing with a tough client as Shae meets with a new client whose sexual independence is a cause of concern. Although it is tough to say if the show is in for a long haul only one episode, people have flocked to social media to express their thoughts on the show.

With the season premiere of Bravo's much-anticipated reality show, 'Love Match Atlanta,' viewers are split with their feelings about the show. For starters, there were some strong opinions from the viewers regarding how much each of the matchmakers on the show charged. While Tana and Kelli of The Matchmaking Duo charge a whopping $25k in consulting fees, Shae Primus, CEO of the Middle-Class Matchmaker, costs roughly $3-$4k and caters to a distinct clientele. Ming Clark, one of the show's matchmakers, launched her firm after "having a horrible dating experience." After launching her company, she promised to assist people in finding their ideal life partners. Her matchmaking service might cost as much as $100,000. After learning about such a ridiculous consulting fee, displeased viewers took to Twitter: "It’s looking like hot, ratchet garbage. Who’s paying for this? #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Others were disappointed with the format of the show, "How do people feel about Love Match Atlanta, idk how I feel about it, I don't understand why all of them can't thrive in the business without the pettiness. I wish they had another guy, seems unbalance and I feel like it is a gang up! I give another episode #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Some viewers are also digging the mess. One tweeted, "Love Match Atlanta is as messy as I thought it would be."


Tune in next Sunday for the new episode of 'Love Match Atlanta' only on Bravo TV at 9 pm.