'Love Match Atlanta': Fans criticize Joseph Dixon for having double standards

'Love Match Atlanta': Fans criticize Joseph Dixon for having double standards
Joseph Dixon in 'Love Match Atlanta' (BravoTV)

In the current episode of 'Love Match Atlanta,' Joseph Dixon appeared to be eating his own words, as fans of the show point out his double standard. The CEO/Founder & Matchmaker at RealBlackLove.com appears to be having second thoughts about "matchmaking certifications."

Since day one, Joseph Dixon has been called out by his peers and competitors in the field for practicing matchmaking without the required credentials. Not just her rival, The Matchmaking Duo, but also his decade-long buddy, Shae Primus, seemed to have a problem with Joseph professing to be a "real" matchmaker without any proper certification. Both Shae and The Matchmaking Duo believe that before providing any type of service, one must be completely qualified and certified. Without adequate certification, the issue of legitimacy arises, which is detrimental to the business.


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Shae Primus and Joseph Dixon in 'Love Match Atlanta' (BravoTV)

Viewers have witnessed animosity between The Matchmaking Duo (Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore) and Joseph Dixon since the start of the new Bravo reality show. The journey has always been hard for them all, from the ladies accusing him of stealing their idea for his app to them calling him out for being a matchmaker without proper "certification." In the previous episode, things got heated between them when Joseph announced his matching school, which would offer classes and certification to aspiring matchmakers. This angered The Matchmaking Duo as they claimed they had this concept first, and Joseph, as usual, stole it. By the end of the episode, they've all sought to resolve and start afresh, while his friend Shae chooses to stand her ground.

On the Sunday night's episode, Shae decided to meet up with Joseph and clear air, as they haven't talked since the latter's "Mixer Event." Even though Shae disagrees with most of Joseph's actions, she invites him for a couple of drinks to clear things out for the sake of their friendship and the tie she refers to as "brother and sister." The meeting quickly gets warmed up as they both engage in yet another disagreement. Joseph describes Shae as unemotional, and she defines him as "unaware of how other people view" him. Joseph confronts her about her opposition to his launching his school. Shae continues by stating that Joseph cannot do what they (she and The Matchmaking Duo) do because he is not licensed. Joseph walks out on Shae as things get too heated, only to return soon after to put a lid on the matter.

Viewers of the new Bravo reality show, however, are not pleased with Joseph or his defense. They criticize him for trying to set up a school that provides certification to potential matchmakers while opposing the idea of becoming certified himself. Many people turned to Twitter to voice their outrage: "Shae is right it's hilarious that Justin's uncertified ass would try to certify people. #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Another fan tweeted about Joseph's interesting choice of offering services to certify matchmakers, while criticizing the process itself: "So he wants to start a service certifying matchmakers, but says certification doesn’t matter…make it make sense. #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Even Lamont White, the owner of Gay Dating Coach and a friend of Shae's, took to Twitter to share his two cents on the matter: "How are you angry that #certifiedmatchmakers are reading you for not being certified, but you want to start a certification program? #LoveMatchAtlanta #bravotv #wwhl #wwhlbravo #dating #lgbtq @MCMatchmaker"


Viewers wonder why Joseph fails to get the certification while he mocks the others for having a license that can be obtained in two weeks: "If it’s only a “couple weeks” to get certified, why not just do it? #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Others on Twitter mocked Joseph's demeanor while conversing with Shae: "That waitress was referring to him when she said “I ain’t mad at her” for burning sage. He’s allot! “cliché!” #LoveMatchAtlanta"


Every Sunday at 9 pm, new episodes of 'Love Match Atlanta' air on Bravo.

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