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Kwon Mina confirms texts with alleged bully Jimin and AOA were leaked, blames manager

Kwon Mina's texts with her alleged bully Shin Jimin, AOA and the group's managers have been leaked
AOA and Mina's texts have been leaked (OfficialAOA/Facebook)
AOA and Mina's texts have been leaked (OfficialAOA/Facebook)

Trigger warning: self-harm, suicide attempt, rape

Looks like Kwon Mina is in the news once again. Last week, netizens had mixed reactions while trolls attacked her when she mentioned the death of idol Sulli and made posts of smoking in a non-smoking hotel room with her new boyfriend. The police are also investigating a case of sexual assault after Mina claimed that she was raped when she was 14. The frustrated former idol had deleted her Instagram, but since her texts with former AOA member Shin Jimin who she claimed had bullied her were leaked, she is back with a lengthy post on Instagram.

On September 8, Korean news agency Dispatch claimed that they had leaked text messages between Mina, AOA and Jimin from April 2020. AOA’s label FNC released a statement saying that they would look into the matter and see how much of it was true. But Mina confirmed it on her Instagram. At first, it seems that Mina and Jimin had gone back to being on good terms when Mina went to Jimin’s father’s funeral and the latter apologized.


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The messages between AOA, Jimin and Mina

In July 2020, Mina dropped her first statement about Jimin’s bullying. Jimin and the other AOA members met up with Mina for two hours. Jimin said she would apologize for everything even though she doesn’t remember some of the things Mina claims she did like hitting her. The next day Mina showed the members that she had hurt herself because she was frustrated with Jimin’s attitude. Choa and Chanmi tried to mediate as Jimin tried to apologize and resolve everything.

In the messages, it looks like Mina does not want an apology unless Jimin can remember the bullying. Hyejeong sided with Mina by saying that she had said something about Jimin’s bullying before too. The other members got Mina to believe that Jimin’s apology was sincere despite her not remembering things. Mina seemed to accept it but she went on to post on Instagram again after Jimin’s posted her apology online.

Since November 2020, Mina has been sending Jimin messages which the latter hasn’t responded to. The messages get personal as she talks about revenge and brings Jimin’s unwell mother into it. She also talked about Jimin’s sexual activities on her Instagram. A manager also shared messages with Mina where she asks for a hospital reservation for her mother which the manager thought was out of line. The managers’ group chats were also revealed where they talk about how scary Mina is. Some managers tried to side with her by empathizing with her busy schedule. Some netizens believe that she took out her anger on the managers because of Jimin’s bullying.

Mina confirms the text leaks

Mina then addressed the chat leaks by Dispatch and suspected that it was released by FNC’s lead manager or Jimin’s older sister. She claimed that she knew the conversation between them was being recorded and Jimin should release it all which will back up Mina’s claims. She said that she had tangible proof and witnesses regarding the bullying and if netizens wanted they could contact Mina directly.

She also addressed the smoking issue and claimed that she did not know that she was in a non-smoking hotel room. She apologized and claimed that she is getting treatment, reflecting on her wrong actions and trying to get off Instagram. She ended the post by saying that she just wanted to clear up all misunderstandings and that she was sorry.

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