Ex-AOA singer Kwon Mina reveals she was sexually abused by famous person in school, fans say 'hope she's okay'

'If I say his name, everyone will know who he is,' Mina said during the Instagram Live session

                            Ex-AOA singer Kwon Mina reveals she was sexually abused by famous person in school, fans say 'hope she's okay'
Kwon Mina took to social media to to share details about her scary childhood (kvwowv/Instagram)

Amid several reports over the past month that K-pop stars were bullies in their youth, Kwon Mina has revealed some shocking details about her past.

The former AOA member took to her social media for an Instagram Live session on March 7, 2021, in which she shared personal details about her life. In the near-two-hour session, the singer said she was assaulted by someone famous in middle school. 

"When I used to live in Busan, my family was not well off so my livelihood was difficult," she said, as translated by Allkpop. "When I was in middle school, I was hit with beer bottles by the sunbaes [seniors] and fought with them. I was sexually assaulted by a male sunbae."


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Mina appeared nervous to talk about it but took the time to encourage viewers to share their stories of abuse. The singer also didn't namedrop but alludes that her offender is famous enough to be known by many. "If I say his name, everyone will know who he is," Mina noted.

She continued, "My friend's uncle scolded the oppas that did bad things to me. I thought he was a security guard, but it turns out he was someone scary. I don't know how he knew about what happened, but I heard he saw them at the bathhouse and scolded them. The perpetrators apologized to me."

Watch the full video here.

Previous allegations of abuse

Mina's claims follow after several months when she previously alleged that she was a victim of bullying for 10 years while in the group AOA. According to an August 2020 article by South China Morning Post, Mina posted and deleted a message on her Instagram, in which she shared her story and reason for leaving the group. Translated by Soompi, an excerpt from her post read, "Around the time of my dad’s passing, I cried once in the waiting room and one of the unnies [older members] told me that I was ruining everyone’s mood and told me not to cry, dragging me to the wardrobe of the waiting room. I told her I was so scared at the thought of my dad dying. I still can’t forget those words." She then revealed the unnie to be Jimin, the group’s leader. She also posted a photo of her scarred wrist and claimed to have attempted suicide as a result of the bullying.

On May 13, 2019, Mina left AOA after deciding not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment.

'She's been through a lot'

Fans on Twitter have been quick to empathize with Mina and are "heartbroken" over what she has had to endure in her life. "God that's so heartbreaking. i hope she's doing okay and hope that she'll find comfort someday if she hasn't already," said a fan while another wrote, "She's been through a lot wow."

One fan tweeted, "Why aren't the kpop fandoms loud about this? Where are those fans who comments jail time on every idols scandals? Where are those who comments nasty things about the accused? Those who comments about siding the victim? She is a victim. These sunbaes of her should be jailed no?"

Another fan shared," I hope she finds the strength and courage to talk about it more, if not in the open, then with someone close and trustworthy."

"She's a strong woman," added another fan.