Is Ex-AOA Kwon Mina OK? Singer reportedly tried to take own life, found unconscious

It is reported that Kwon Mina had immediate surgery and while her life is no longer in danger, she is yet to regain consciousness

                            Is Ex-AOA Kwon Mina OK? Singer reportedly tried to take own life, found unconscious
Kwon Mina rushed to the hospital (OfficialAOA/Facebook)

Trigger Warning: Attempted suicide

It has been a tough couple of weeks for Kwon Mina, the former member of the K-pop girl group AOA. Previously, she came under fire for getting into a cheating scandal where she ended up breaking things with her boyfriend. Along with that, certain comments about her alleged bully, Jimin of AOA, had trolls and antis harassing Mina on social media. She also went on Instagram Live after the group’s official fan club claimed that some of her bullying claims were false.

After several such controversies, on July 28, Mina wrote a lengthy letter apologising for her actions and stated that she would go off social media after explaining everything. However, a day later, it was reported that she had tried to take her own life. She was discovered unconscious at home and an acquaintance immediately took her to a hospital. The person stated that she had been trying to contact her but had been concerned when Mina hadn’t responded to the point that she decided to visit her on July 29.


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Kwon Mina taken to hospital

The acquaintance had then called the emergency line and Mina had been rushed to the hospital. It has been reported that she had immediate surgery and at the moment her life is not in any danger anymore. It also seems that she has not yet regained consciousness. No official statement has been made on the matter or about her health by her representative.

A few hours before the incident, along with the letter, Mina had posted screenshots of harassment and cyberbullying. She wrote a post regarding the hate that she was getting and expressed her anger by asking why she was being targeted when she hadn’t done anything wrong. The screenshot that she had posted was by an anonymous netizen who had written provoking messages that might have been a catalyst that landed Mina in the hospital.

Fans and netizens reacted on social media as they sent support to her. Those who had turned their backs on her also stated that she needs help. One Twitter user tweeted, “Kwon minaBroken heart life is precious,,, life is beautiful,,, life is painful.. but i hope you know there are people there for you. i wish you the best of recovery.” Another pointed out, “I think at this point kwon mina needs to be under supervision. they can’t just expect her to deal with her own problem and it will also be better for her to pause her social media activity for a while.” One called it a cry for attention as they tweeted, “I feel like kwon mina is trying hard to make everyone like her. Well i mean its kinda like changing thousands of people’s mind. Impossible… why can’t she just focus on herself…”

Despite the allegations by her and against her, no one should go through what she has as one Twitter user stated, “I feel sad for kwon mina :< . she's a victim of bullying and had been through a lot but still receives hate from peeps.” But one user stated, “Kwon Mina is the biggest liar I've ever seen. AOA and Jimin deserves a big apology she literally destroyed their career with her lies. She's clearly sick and I empathise with her but her mental health shouldn't be a reason not to hold her accountable for everything she's done.” Another tweeted, “What I really see is that Kwon Mina is one of the victim of the Kpop industry and there’s no one to defend her correctly.”







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