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Ex-AOA idol Kwon Mina back on Insta after suicide attempt, fans ask her to 'focus on health'

Kwon Mina, a former member of K-pop group AOA returns to Instagram with a warning message for cyber bullies after being hospitalized
Kwon Mina returns to Instagram with lengthy post (@OfficialAOA/Facebook)
Kwon Mina returns to Instagram with lengthy post (@OfficialAOA/Facebook)

Trigger warning: This article contains topics like attempted suicide

It has been reported on August 4 that Kwon Mina has regained consciousness after her suicide attempt. The former member of the K-pop girl group had attempted to take her life on July 29. She had been immediately rushed to a hospital after an acquaintance had found her. She had undergone emergency surgery and was not in any serious danger anymore. Her Instagram had then been disabled on August 1 with no reports of her status.

However, she came back on Instagram on August 4 with a lengthy post where she threatened to take legal action against cyber bullies who were constantly sending her threats and hate on the Internet. A few hours before the July 29 incident that landed Mina in the hospital, she had posted a screenshot of a chat on Instagram. In it, an anonymous user had sent her triggering messages. Many believe that could have been a catalyst for her subsequent actions and wished she would not return to social media for her own well-being.

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The reason behind Mina’s return to Instagram

For a while, Kwon Mina was in a bullying scandal as she claimed that the former leader of AOA, Shin Jimin had bullied her. After some of her statements as well as that of AOA’s agency’s, the Internet had mixed reactions where some believed her while others didn’t. There were also some extreme reactions with trolls sending her hate online. Then in June 2021, she got into a cheating scandal and had to break up with her boyfriend.

While she was unconscious, the ex-boyfriend who goes by Yoo stated that he cheated on his girlfriend with Mina because he wanted to know how it feels to date a celebrity. AOA’s official fan club also stated that they believed some of Mina’s bullying claims against Shin Jimin were false. Along with that the mixed responses regarding her hospitalization had Mina coming back on Instagram to explain her side of things. In a lengthy post, she addressed all of the incidents that took place in the last few weeks. 

Mina said that she had to say something after seeing Yoo’s statement and it had been a very difficult time for her. Netizens had continued to troll her even after she had apologized to Yoo’s ex-girlfriend and broken up with him. So, she asked why they were targeting her as a liar and perpetrator even after Yoo’s statement. She also clarified the bullying case regarding Shin Jimin.


AOA Shin Jimin’s bullying case

She posted a screenshot of another alleged victim of Shin Jimin on her Instagram and stated that she had a lot of evidence. Mina explained that she was one of four or five people who were victims of Shin Jimin’s bullying. She also asked people not to disregard her allegations by claiming that she had schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Regarding her mental health, she only has severe depression and said that she was a victim who had suffered the longest.

She ended the note with a warning stating that her agency had taken screenshots and gathered evidence against those who had said hateful things to her in the past and especially when she was hospitalized. She said that she would take legal action against them. She ended the statement by saying, “I’ll keep going until I can and until my feelings of being wronged are alleviated at least a little.”

'Find peace'

Fans and non-fans alike wished that Mina would get off the internet and focus on her health. One Twitter user tweeted, “Nooo don't return if you are not ready I beg Please take your time to your mental health instead of lingering around SNS again.... This is not a healthy cope Kwon Mina.” Another user tweeted, “Kwon Mina is suicidal, can people stfu about their mean comments about her, it’s not helping that she can’t stay away from social media + had to see all the comments etc, hope the best for her so she can recovers & find peace instead of leaving negative comments shading her.” One tweeted, “Kwon mina needs to stay away from social media it’s not doing anything good for her health.” Another tweeted, “She definitely needs to stop using sns.. She cannot stop everyone on putting bad comments immediately. She cannot please everybody. She needs to focus on her treatments.”





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