AOA's Mina poses with gun in Instagram photo after suicide attempt alarming fans

AOA's Mina poses with gun in Instagram photo after suicide attempt alarming fans
Kwon Mina, Ex-member of the K-Pop group AOA posted a cryptic picture on Instagram (AOA/FNC Entertainment)

Trigger Warning: Suicide and mental health

Last month, on July 29, it was reported that Kwon Mina, a former member of the girl-group AOA had attempted to take her own life. It was reported that she was unconscious but she was saved after emergency surgery. She raised concerns among a lot of fans which is why she gave a statement where she promised to reflect on herself. 

Kwon Mina deleted all the pictures she had initially posted on her Instagram account and went MIA for a while only to make a return within days since the incident. On August 4, Mina posted a now-deleted statement on her Instagram account. She responded to her ex-boyfriend, who is publicly referred to as ‘Yoo’ where she revealed that she has been made into a lunatic now. She said that people are now tired and bored by her actions. She says that she is doing all this because she feels she has been wronged. 


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Is she going to take a break from Social Media?

After going away from social media she made a return merely 4 days after her statement was published. On August 6, she posted a photo of herself looking in the camera and re-assured fans that she is on the mend after her attempted suicide. She captioned her post with, ‘Selfies’ and fans left her encouraging wishes in the comments.


After that she also many photos without any captions of her enjoying her day outside in the sun. One fan commented saying, “I thought you were not going to be on Instagram.” To this Mina responded saying, “I realized through a lot of people around me that I do not have any reason to not be on Instagram.”

Mina is only following 1 page on Instagram and she also follows the hashtag, #nyctophilia which means finding comfort in the darkness, love of the night. This is very concerning considering her mental well-being is still an issue of concern.



Her cryptic Instagram post

Following this statement, she said that she will take some time to reflect on her thoughts and stay away from social media. Post this, Mina was still able to stir up more controversy. She had deleted or archived all her posts on Instagram including her statement.


On August 26, Mina took to her official account on Instagram to post a photo of her at a shooting range as she is captured from behind when she appears to be using the gun. This has raised more concerns among fans as to her mental wellbeing as fans asked her to rest and take care of herself in the comments under the post.



Kwon Mina surrounded by controversy

In the past, Mina had been accused of being Yoo’s mistress as he cheated on his girlfriend with Mina. She was accused of stealing another woman's man. Not only that, but Mina also accused her ex-group member, Shin Jimin of AOA of bullying her in a separate scandal.

She added in her statement that the agency she is with has gathered a lot of evidence in Shin Jimin as well as her ex, Yoo’s matter. She went on to apologize for causing trouble to fans. She tells fans that she has been dealing through a lot and if anyone else was in her place, they wouldn't have been able to make it ‘even for a day.’



Mina warned fans

She also warns people involved in these cases to file complaints against her if her claims were false. She says that she will definitely press charges against anyone that makes false statements and claims about her and this situation she is involved in. She points out that her alleged culprits are painting her as a lunatic to wash away from their actions.


She ended her statement with, “I’ll keep going until I can and until my feelings of being wronged are alleviated at least a little.” Kwon Mina’s statement was posted along with screenshots of text messages from someone stating that she was also a victim of Jimin and that she is fine with Kwon Mina sharing her messages because she is willing to testify for Mina.


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