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What happened to Kwon Mina? K-pop star DELETES graphic self-harm photo after asking 'does this disgust you'

She wrote, 'You guys say I’m doing this to get sympathy. Then why don’t you give it? Go to a psychologist? I’ve seen psychiatrists for years. Do you know why I went crazy?'
UPDATED APR 27, 2021
Kwon Mina shared graphic, self-harming photos and fans are worried about her mental health (Kwon Mina Instagram)
Kwon Mina shared graphic, self-harming photos and fans are worried about her mental health (Kwon Mina Instagram)

Former AOA member, K-pop singer Kwon Mina got fans worried after she posted a now-deleted picture on Instagram. The photograph was extremely graphic in nature and indicated intentions to self-harm. Another picture that is still up on her Instagram feed says in the caption, "Show? sympathy? Are you sick of it?"

According to a media report, Mina posted a graphic picture with a worrying caption that read, “Why, this is dirty? Does this disgust you? Every word you say makes me like this. Oh, suicide show? You guys say I’m doing this to get sympathy. Then why don’t you give it? Go to a psychologist? I’ve seen psychiatrists for years. Do you know why I went crazy? Have you all been in my position? You don’t know anything about me, but you keep stepping on and tearing me up every day. I tried my best and lived like a fool.”


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What happened to Kwon Mina?

Mina had earlier spoken about her history of physical abuse. She wrote, "When I was in middle school, I was hit with beer bottles by the sunbaes (seniors) and fought with them. I was sexually assaulted by a male sunbae." Her post also revealed her condition during that time, "When I used to live in Busan, my family was not well off so my livelihood was difficult." She continued, "My friend's uncle scolded the oppas that did bad things to me. I thought he was a security guard, but it turns out he was someone scary. I don't know how he knew about what happened, but I heard he saw them at the bathhouse and scolded them. The perpetrators apologized to me."


Kwon Mina DELETES graphic self harm photo

Mina's now-deleted photo has raised a series of concerns about the K-pop star's mental health as it hints at her crying for help. Social media users took to Twitter to express their worry about the singer. A fan wrote, "Besties I am seriously worried for Kwon Mina In her last post on Instagram she’s saying such sad things. I’m afraid for her, her depression seems very bad.. She said she’s afraid of living. Pls comment with love comment send her affection!" Another user wrote, "kwon mina seemed to delete her insta post so there’s no worry of it coming across your instagram tl anymore but still i hope that her close friends, family, and the staff around her are all rushing to check in on her mental state."



Past history of self-harm and suicide

Mina, known to be friends with late singer Sulli, reportedly induced self-harm after her friend died by suicide in 2019. She has also changed her agencies a couple of times in the past two years as her mental health took a toll. In 2020, she uploaded a now-deleted picture of her bloody wrist calling out her former agency FNC Entertainment and group-mate Jimin that read: "I don't want to go unfairly. Shin Ji-min, Han Seong-ho, Kim Seol-hyun, live well. My mom, older sister, and family weren't able to say anything and will probably cry though they've done nothing. Compensate them all for mental distress. Please give them a lot. You're the kind of person who only knows about money."


The post further stated, "The account wasn't even settled properly, the contract was 8 years, and there was no breakdown of expenditures for the illegal trainee debt of 3 billion won ($2,522,758.80 USD). You didn't answer me when I contacted you until the end. Irresponsible people. You don't even know how I was treated for 11 years, and to the bystanders or whatever, listen carefully. Those people are all like trash that I can't even describe. Do you even know the kind of people who'll push for a sane person's death? I'm happy, but I want to go. It's painful here. Don't come to my funeral when I die. You're dirty. When I die, I'll torment you all. I can't live with this evil, okay."

While there have been no clarifications posted about her current mental health, her fans sincerely hope that the K-pop artiste gets better and takes care of her mental health.

In case of any self-harming thoughts, please reach out here.