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Kwon Mina cheating boyfriend row: Fans ask why AOA's Shin Jimin figured in her apology

Kwon Mina addressed the cheating controversy, says she's in the wrong, but netizens wonder why she brought up former AOA member Jimin in her apology
Kwan Meena accused of calling a 'cheater' her boyfriend (Instagram)
Kwan Meena accused of calling a 'cheater' her boyfriend (Instagram)

Kwon Mina, a former member of the K-pop girl group AOA has come into the spotlight regarding a dating scandal. Mina posted a photograph of her and a man on June 25 on her Instagram as a way of announcing her newest relationship. She went on to verify that the man in the photo, Yoo, was indeed her boyfriend as many commented asking her to confirm it. However, the post led to two netizens stating that the man was in a relationship with their friend and that they had never broken up.

Two netizens came to their friend’s rescue by saying that her boyfriend was cheating on her with Mina. And to make matters worse, they said that Mina allegedly knew that Yoo, the man was still in a relationship with the supposed ex-girlfriend. The original couple also had each other’s photographs on their Instagram and Yoo’s Instagram id was a couple id. So, when the man changed his id and made it private, netizens realized that there might be some truth to the story and urged Mina to address it.

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The ex-girlfriend’s statement

The ex-girlfriend too decided to release a statement as she said that the two hadn’t broken up when Mina and Yoo decided to date. The ex claimed that Yoo had said that they should think things through and be apart for a while but had never mentioned breaking up. In fact, he stopped answering her calls and she came to know about Mina through the former idol’s Instagram post. She further said that Mina knew Yoo was in a relationship and yet pursued him.

When the first two netizens released their stories, Mina completely denied it. A week ago, on her Instagram, she made a post saying that she had contacted the ex-girlfriend who denied everything the two netizens had said. Further, she asked if she was in the wrong for dating a man who had broken up with his ex. She continued that she had done nothing wrong but if netizens continued to troll her she would take legal action.


Mina's apology

After the ex-girlfriend released her side of the story, Mina went on an Instagram Live on July 5 at 4 am KST to apologize. She said that she had realized that he was a “rascal” and wanted to apologize to the ex-girlfriend and that she had broken up with the man. However, she said that the man had lied to her and she hadn’t known that he had still not broken up with his ex when Mina started dating him. As she went on to talk about other things, she brought up AOA. She said that the matter at hand had nothing to do with Shin Jimin and asked people not to mention her. But she went on to say that one of the members liked having sex. When one user commented on Mina’s post as to why she said it, Mina replied that the member she was talking about was “Shin Jimin”.

Netizens are confused as to why Mina would bring up the former AOA member when the topic was about the dating controversy and she herself had requested people not to mention Jimin. It should also be pointed out that the Live was after AOA’s official fan club released a statement that claimed that some of Mina’s bullying allegations against Jimin were false.

One user tweeted, “I think she is not doing herself any favors by bringing up Shin Jimin in her statements explaining her new bf situation. I think the boyfriend thing could easily be a misunderstanding.” Another user tweeted, "Kwon mina can not catch a break but i think its time for someone to deactivate her insta and get her help.” One user stated that people should not negate all of Mina’s claims about Jimin just because her apology was confusing, “Kwon Mina stealing someone's boyfriend doesn't make her any less a victim of Jimin's bullying. Don't mix things up.” 




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