How did Kristina Kika Dukic die? YouTuber, 21, was constantly bullied over her looks

How did Kristina Kika Dukic die? YouTuber, 21, was constantly bullied over her looks
Kristina Kika Dukic was often labeled as 'fake' and bullied over her appearance and plastic surgery allegations (Photo by Instagram@kikax3)

Online bullying and hate have led to the death of many and falling prey to the same. In fact, Cyberbullying has remained an all-too-familiar social problem in 2021 and one could see a 40% increase in its incidence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A victim to cyberbullying, YouTuber Kristina Kika Dukic passed away recently. The Serbian influencer was reportedly found dead at around 11.40 pm on December 8. She was 21. The body of the social media personality was discovered in Belgrade. The unfortunate news of her demise was shared by her mother on social media.
According to the Daily Mail, Kika’s mother identified as Natasa Djukic on Instagram stated, “This will be a hard time for us all and all we can do is keep her memory alive. We love you Kika and miss you more than words can explain.” She added, “If you are having suicidal thoughts or suffering from depression please speak to someone you are not alone." Kika’s funeral will reportedly take place on December 14. Some of the other social media personalities who died recently included Samantha Rabinowitz, Kim Kyeong-Bo, Antwain Fowler, and Bashurverse.
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Who was Kristina Kika Dukic?

Kristina Kika Dukic was not only a YouTube star but was equally popular on Twitch and Instagram. The Serbian native was born in the year 2000 in Belgrade and she kickstarted her social media journey in 2005 with videos on Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5. The young Internet personality was best known for her content on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.
Kika enjoyed more than 400K followers on Instagram whereas, on YouTube, she amassed over 740K subscribers. On Twitch, she scored more than 40K followers. With her skills, she went on to become one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in Serbia. With fame also came filth. She was subjected to a lot of online hate and bullying in the last few years. Kika’s last YouTube video was on Squid Games-inspired Crab Games. The video posted almost a week ago clocked more than a million views




How did Kristina Kika Dukic die?

According to the Daily Mail, the investigation in the case is ongoing but the investigators have reported no signs of foul play, so a cause of death is yet to be determined. A close associate of the influencer, Mira Vladisavljevic earlier told a local media outlet Telegraf, “A terrible thing happened last night. I appeal to all the media to carefully report on this case and on the girl who struggled with bullying for five years. Please understand.”
Kika often got targeted by the trolls and was labeled as fake on several occasions. She got hated for her looks as many claimed that she went for plastic surgery. One of Kika's biggest critics, Serbian gamer Bogdan Illic, had even asked Kika to “kill” herself earlier, as reported by local media outlet Republika. According to Direktno, Bogdan after Kika’s death claimed to be his friend. He stated, “'I was among the first to find out about this event because her friends called me and told me that they would publicly support me with the truth about the whole event, but I refused because I do not want to be a victim.' He also apologized, “I'm sorry about what happened. I'm sorry I didn't announce that we reconciled and became friends. I'm sorry because people don't know the reason and point the finger. They do not give the dead peace and respect, just to get a few likes, to fulfill their desire for revenge and in the ugliest possible way." In one of the recent videos, Kika reportedly said that she felt like nothing she ever did was good enough for other people.


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