How did Antwain Fowler die? Kid, 6, behind 'Where we about to eat at' viral video dies

How did Antwain Fowler die? Kid, 6, behind 'Where we about to eat at' viral video dies
Antwain Fowler died at the age of six years (Instagram)

Social media was jolted by a shocking tragedy on Sunday, November 21, as the adorable kid behind the viral 'Where we about to eat at?' video died at the age of 6 years. Antwain Fowler, who gained popularity at a young age for his witty and hilarious videos with his mother Chyna, had over 594,000 followers on Instagram. The news of his tragic death was confirmed by his mother in a heartbreaking post, where she wrote, "The pain in my heart is like no other. Why God!" She further added in the caption, "Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!"

In her personal profile, the massage therapist wrote, "Ever felt lifeless like you can't go on. I don't wanna be here anymore. This pain is unbearable that's my babyyyyy my god why me!!" Condolences have poured in for the devastated mother from well-wishers, many of whom had previously supported his treatment with financial contributions. 


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How did Antwain Fowler die?

Antwain 'Big TJ' Fowler had been battling a rare disease called autoimmune enteropathy since his childhood. He was diagnosed in Jule 2015 shortly after he turned one. His family sought help for his treatment and medical expenses via a GoFundMe profile, which raised more than $54,000 so far. He had to put up with a series of complications and ailments which barred him from drinking milk or eating solid food as a child. He underwent 25 surgeries since birth and often stayed at hospitals for sustained treatment. He had even undergone a cutting-edge treatment procedure recently called intravenous immune globulin to help gain muscle. The positive impact of the procedure had made his mother hopeful about his recovery. But in the end, the little boy succumbed to the adverse impact of the disease. 

"Antwain Lee Fowler was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy in July of 2015. AIE is a rare immune deficiency disorder that attacks your intestines. Antwain has been hospitalized a countless number of times due to his poor health condition. Antwain has undergone over 25 surgeries. Like normal infants, Antwain was unable to drink milk, or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood," his mother wrote on his GoFundMe page. 


She further added, "From the moment Antwain was released from the hospital he wanted to know one thing, “Where we bout to eat at”, which is what the entire world finds themselves asking quite often. On his journey to recovery, we’ve encounter a bump in the rode which sorta started a whole new fight. Upon removal of his Port Antwain got sick the following day. Doctors say during surgery he aspirated which caused him a pneumonia where his upper right and lower left lung collapse, the fight doesn’t stop there he was treated for the pneumonia and now he’s on the road to recovery. Our main goal now is to get his strength back; his muscles are all weak which is affecting his breathing. So they decided to place a tracheotomy in his throat until his biopsy of the muscles in skin comes back with findings (praying it’s just him being hospitalized for so long that’s causing him weakness) it’s been a struggle as a parent with other children juggling the back and forwards trips between home and the hospital, But I’m getting it done. We just want him with a normal life which seems to be so hard considering he has a testimony."

Despite his illness, the young child brought hope, inspiration, and joy to many with his mischievous and witty quips on videos. In a throwback video posted prior to his tragic passing, the 6-year-old could be seen dancing and jumping around happily wearing shoulder pads. In another post, his mother revealed that Antwain wanted to be a Squid Game character for Halloween. However, since he had to spend the day in the pediatric ICU, he had to be content with a Captain America costume. "Missed this year! he wanted to be a SquidGame character. Next year son," his mother had written. 


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