How did Samantha Rabinowitz die? YouTuber said she got 'devastating news' before death

Samantha Rabinowitz is known on social media by her account name 'Here for the Tea'

                            How did Samantha Rabinowitz die? YouTuber said she got 'devastating news' before death
Although active on social media, Samantha Rabinowitz, who is known by her account name 'Here for the Tea', never posted her own pictures (@HereForTheTea2/Twitter)

Tragedy struck the YouTube community as Samantha Rabinowitz, known on social media by her account name 'Here for the Tea', died. Confirming the news of her death, Rabinowitz's sister, Lisa Greenspoon, wrote online, "It is with a heavy heart and the most extreme sadness that I am sharing this news."

"My baby sister Sam @hereforthetea2 has passed away. She passed peacefully in her sleep yesterday," she added. More details confirming her death are yet to be out. 


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Image: Here For The Tea/Facebook

On November 2, YouTuber Rabinowitz's last tweet to her followers read, "Hey guys, as some of you have noticed, I've been away from socials for a bit," she wrote at the time. "I received some devastating news recently and I just kinda want to be offline for a while. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to see if I'm okay. It truly means so much to me." In her last Instagram post, she wrote, "Hey guys, I’ll be back posting on Monday. Thanks for all the kind messages and thanks for your patience."





According to reports, the user’s real name is Samantha Rabinowitz, but she was better known as Sam. Her YouTube channel, 'Here For The Tea', has at least 3,94,000 subscribers. She also had a large follower base on Instagram @hereforthetea2, with more than 1,34,000 users. She used social media to talk about the latest developments on creator dramas and scandals. She also had a makeup account called @hereforthemakeup2. Although active on social media, she never posted her own pictures. 

Social media mourned Rabinowitz's untimely death as speculations poured in on the comment section of her last Twitter post, with some wondering whether she was sick and others saying it was a case of drug overdose. No confirmed reports have been released yet. "Curious.... one posts of something tragic they can’t deal with and 6 days later passes in their sleep out of the blue? No one sees a possible correlation? Sad for the passing either way," one user commented, while another said, "It was an overdose". Another user said, "How does everyone know what happened to Sam? I’m so confused was she sick? I can’t believe this I went looking through social media and I don’t see anything!!!!".




Remembering the YouTuber, one user wrote, "If I had one wish, it would be that everyone knew the person I knew behind the scenes. I wish she would have shared more of herself, because it was beautiful. 'Here For The Tea' Creator Samantha Rabinowitz, Chronicler Of Beauty Influencer Missteps, Dies." "Oh, Samantha. a fellow Ontarian. May your soul be guided home, As your journey physical realm has come to a closure. Your present will be surely be missed. Thank you, for your commentary on make up community. Rest in peace Samantha Rabinowitz," another user wrote. "She was so respected and loved. Nursing a crying hangover today, and raising a cold brew in her honor. Love you, Sam. Your content was how I bonded with my now best friend, your voice filled some empty days for me and I'll never forget you," said one social media user.