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How did Bashurverse die? Fans mourn Minecraft YouTuber's death at 36: 'Fly high'

Speculations surrounding Bashurverse's death had been rife ever since the YouTuber stopped sharing with his followers on August 26
Bashurverse had been keeping his Twitter followers posted about his Covid-19 diagnoses (Twitter: @ToastyTime)
Bashurverse had been keeping his Twitter followers posted about his Covid-19 diagnoses (Twitter: @ToastyTime)

Popular YouTube personality Bashurverse has died. After intense shock and speculation from social media, the influencer's death was finally confirmed by his sister through an anonymous post on Reddit. Known for his videos on Minecraft and his web series 'Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo', Bashurverse had been a significant content creator on the platform since 2010. His stint as a social media icon was however not without controversies, which fans have requested to be overlooked in the wake of his death.

Bashurverse's death comes a little over a month after the shocking death of 22-year-old YouTuber Albert Dyrlund who died in the Alps while filming a video. Egyptian YouTuber Umm Ziyad also died in a tragic geyser gas leak exactly a year after she had faked her own death in a video. YouTube star 'Sir Kipsta' aka Alex Dragomir also died recently at age 17 following a seven-hour heart procedure. Bashurverse's death, as confirmed by his sister, wasn't due to a freak accident or stunt gone awry. According to his kin, the YouTuber lost his battle to Covid-19.


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How did Bashurverse die? 

Real name Brandon Dylan Ashur, Bashurverse's death was announced on his sister's Facebook account, which has since been deleted. Identified as Anesa Ashur, Bashurverse's sister wrote a heartwarming message sharing the sad news to his fans and followers which has since been shared by a fan on Reddit. A devasted Anesa reminisced her brother's accomplishments as she mourned his tragic death at the age of just 36.

In a heartfelt tribute to her deceased brother, Anesa had written in the since-deleted Facebook post: "Brandon Dylan Ashur. There are so many things I could say but I don’t think I could even put our lives into words if I wanted to. Why is this beast so terrible? Why did it have to get you? You have faced so many challenges in your 36 years, never would I imagine we would lose you to a pandemic. You are one of the strongest people I know, and pushed through no matter what the Internet said, no matter what people wanted to think… you proved how amazing of a soul you are. I love you, to the moon and back."

She added: "My brother fought covid, and unfortunately lost the battle. He has moved so many people through streaming. His 1.5 million on YouTube. The endless streamers on twitch. He fought so many demons all while saving millions of people without even realizing it. I cannot believe this is happening. He withstood every stupid comment made by the people who wanted him to fail. He was amazing. He is amazing. I hate this so much."

The Reddit post however is made from an account called Robin, who apologizes to fans for delaying the news but explains they were awaiting the go from Bashurverse's dad to intimate his followers of his death. The account writes that the YouTuber was surrounded by his family with the text poster holding his hand as banjo music played in the background. The touching tribute has fueled tearful responses and tributes from fans all over Bashurverse's community, as speculations had been rife ever since his posts dried out after testing positive for the virus.


Controversy surrounding allegedly raping minor

With two successful YouTube accounts and 1.6 million followers vouching for him, Bashurverse's social media popularity took a hit when controversies surrounding raping minors came up. Basurverse had reportedly opened up on social media about being depressed and that he "wanted to commit suicide" some time in 2015. That same year, however, he was accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl at the age of 23. There were also similar allegations against the creator from his high school days, but Bashurverse assured his fans he would continue with YouTube.

More recently, Bashurverse had also been keeping his followers updated with his Covid-19 diagnosis, sharing photos from his hospital bed, with his last post arriving on August 26, as he told followers: "When I can type better and recover I'll show you some of the worst parts of Covid recovery you don't want to experience. Like daily wrist shots into a major artery. Extremely painful. There's more horror you have to go through."


Did Bashurverse ever return to YouTube?

In 2017, Bashurverse blocked both his YouTube channels, deleted all photos and banners and even made the videos private. Soon his social media accounts on Twitter, Twitch and Facebook were also deleted. Since then there have been imposter accounts like @TheBrandonAshur that have tried to resuscitate the YouTuber's stint on the platform but they were soon busted as not the real Bashurverse. In the wake of his death, however, fans alluded that no matter what people's perception or stand on the Bashurverse allegations were, there's no denying he had touched the lives of many.

"Regardless of your feelings towards Brandon Ashur/Bashurverse or the content he has made throughout the years, it’s really damn sad to see him suddenly pass away from COVID. He undoubtedly left his mark on the internet and will not be forgotten," wrote an anonymous Twitter account sharing the since-deleted post from Anesa along with screenshots of the Reddit post.


Another mourned the YouTuber's death, tweeting: "If you grew up around the time I did then you know who these men are. I can honestly say these guys raised me and I’ll forever be grateful for that. I learnt so much from you guys especially my swear words so thank you. Rest in peace and power bashurverse" Fellow Youtube persona @kidbehindacamera also tweeted: "I hadn’t spoken to Bashurverse in a year or two but I was rooting for him to make a comeback. Really sad I didn’t reach out while I had the chance. F*** covid. RIP sir, you were an incredibly nice person that only wanted to find happiness. I hope you found it" Others paid tributes, tweeting: "We lost a legend last night...I got the news from the discord...this can't be high Brandon, bashurverse, toastytime..."