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SEVENTEEN'S DK shares insights from his musical debut 'Xcalibur', fans praise his dedication and commitment

Dokyeom's musical debut Xcalibur shares a documentary based around the play
UPDATED SEP 26, 2022
SEVENTEEN'S Dokyeom's musical debut Xcalibur trends on Twitter (EMK Musical Company)
SEVENTEEN'S Dokyeom's musical debut Xcalibur trends on Twitter (EMK Musical Company)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Fans of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN have flooded Twitter praising the majestic and top-notch acting skills of Dokyeon or DK because of his role as King Arthur in his musical debut 'Xcalibur' in 2019. The play ran from June 15 through August 4 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul. In 2021, the K-pop idol returned as the King for a second run. Finally, the play was premiered online showcasing the brilliant journey in a documentary. The effect of the play was so vivid that the fans are back to reminiscing the quality of Dokyeom's performance. 

Dokyeom of SEVENTEEN has previously expressed his desire to do better for the group. However, things have not gone how he may have expected them to. Xcalibur comes through as the idol's new era as he seems completely changed in it. The role even required the singer to be aggressive which he had to learn for the act. DK had put a lot of effort into the play. Moreover, his band was on the verge of coming back during this period of time. So, the vocalist had to manage his timings for the rehearsals and the promotions of both events. 


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Dokyeom stays committed to his musical debut 

'Xcalibur: The Musical Documentary' tells the story of DK's transformation to King Arthur. It depicts the sweat and efforts that were put into the work by the whole team. While the group celebrates working together in some of the clips, DK's intriguing stage presence also comes across. His dedication for the piece of art is very evident. His acting was also appreciated by Wildhorn, "He is young, but successful in the K-pop scene. When he comes to rehearsal, he is ready to learn new things."

Moreover, an image of DK preparing for the play on his phone got viral on Twitter after a fan tweeted it. The user wrote, "DOKYEOM'S XCALIBUR RUN NOTE he puts soo much effort into this whole musical HELLO??? i get so touched whenever i find new facts abt him persevering to create the best stage for the audience.... his passion for musicals knows no bounds i'm going to cry." Another fan praised DK for his way of handling the work load, "Might i remind everyone that during entirety of xcalibur's run, dokyeom was also doing countless of svt's promos simultaneously. i admire his perseverance to literally juggle his workload, transitioning from an idol to a musical actor in hour's time quick bc that's no easy feat." The fans have not ceased sharing clips from the documentary highlighting DK's performance, "You did so well dokyeom! we are so so proud of the amount of hard work you put into this roll, you truly are arthur <3 #DKsBrilliantJourney." A fan has even claimed DK to be the best musical actor, "He's always full of emotions DOKYEOM BEST MUSICAL ACTOR!!!" 





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