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EXO Xiumin's debut solo album 'Brand New' out, fans claim he is dropping hints about band's comeback

In the music video for 'Brand New', fans pointed out the significance of the numbers shown and after recent conference that EXO may return
EXO's Xiumin's debut solo album 'Brand New' is out and hints at the band's potential comeback (e_xiu_o/instagram)
EXO's Xiumin's debut solo album 'Brand New' is out and hints at the band's potential comeback (e_xiu_o/instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: While fans desperately wait for an EXO comeback, group member Xiumin has been hogging headlines with the release of his solo mini album 'Brand New'. The album's tracks are said to be reminiscent of the '90s and early 2000s. The music video of the single 'Brand New' has many hidden numbers and meanings that fans are having a great time deciphering. Moreover, the album has debuted in the Top 20 on Bugs real-time chart. At the time of writing, the music video received 281,000 views on YouTube. 

Xiumin has always been open about his love for music and so he made his solo debut, 10 years after his debut as an EXO member. His debut album also features a collaboration with K-pop group NCT. It has five tracks called 'Brand New', 'How We Do', 'Serenity', 'Love Letter', and 'Feedback'. On the bright side, a EXO members claimed that they would make a comeback "very soon". 


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Does 'Brand New' MV hint at EXO's come back?


Xiumin's love for his band is very evident in the music video for 'Brand New'. The rapper has put his jersey number and birthday in the video along with the band's date of debut and year which are 99, 326, 0408, and 2012, respectively. This is just a few of the clues the rapper has placed to show his love for the fandom EXO-L in the video. August 5 is celebrated as EXO's fandom getting its name. Many fans claim this to be a hint that the K-Pop boy group will return. 

In a recent online press conference, Xiumin expressed his desire for the group's return. He admitted missing his fans and music. Xiumin is the group's oldest member and had to volunteer for mandatory military service. By the time he returned, other members had to serve in the army which led to delays in the group's return. The singer also claimed his bandmates to be very precious. Moreover, he wants to indulge in "group activities as well". The member does not want to lose EXO or his group. 

According to kpopwise, EXO is likely to make a full group comeback in 2023. The band's return has been anticipated by many of its fans. Lastly, the official announcement of the K-pop group's return will surely break all the headlines. A fan tweeted, "This part is too cute for words BRAND NEW OUT NOW," in response to the album release. There were other reactions too. A fan put together all the numbers shown in the music video and their significance. Another fan tweeted, "EXO COMEBACK SOON." Another fan excitedly chaimed in, "They asked about a exo comeback and minseok answer he want to be on stage, do music as exo and…. Sehun ‘its just my opinion, but i think it will happen soon.'" 





Some fans are looking for further clues in the MV. A fan tweeted, "HOLD ON!! THIS IS SPOILER FOR NEXT COMEBACK Y'ALL!!! SUHO IS IN APR 4th AND THEN IS EXO'S ANNIVERSARY IN APR 8th AND NOW IS XIUOLO (IDK MAYBE THIS IS KJD3) NEXT ONE IS OSH1 IN WIND AND THEN PCY1 IN SUN/FIRE I'M VERY KKAMJAGIYA." The fans are dead serious about this. Another fan posted "I BELIEVE IN SEHUN'S WORDS IF HE SAID THAT EXO COMEBACK WILL HAPPEN SOON THEN IT'LL DEFINITELY HAPPEN SOON." A very similar tweet was also posted hanging onto Sehun's words, "Sehun said that in his opinion, EXO comeback will happen soon".




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